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William F. Buckley, Jr.


Jim Saxton Thought Cynthia McKinney Was at it Again - Report of Gunshots in Capitol Parking Garage Probably Were Coming from an Air Hammer

@ 01:54 AM (106 months, 19 days ago)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A House office building reopened Friday afternoon after investigators determined a report of gunshots in a parking garage probably came from worker using an air hammer, according to sources.

The Rayburn House Office Building was locked down Friday morning after a congressman reported what he thought were gunshots in the building's garage, prompting armed police to conduct a room-by-room search of the complex.


It was unclear whether the report by Republican Rep. Jim Saxton of New Jersey, as related by his spokesman, was the only one Capitol Police received.

High-ranking law enforcement sources at the Capitol told law enforcement expert Mike Brooks the noises apparently were made by a mechanic using a pneumatic hammer on an elevator.


Jefferson and Elnora Calimlim Found Guilty of Imprisoning Illegal Alien Philippino Maid - Don't Get Any Ideas Kennedys

@ 12:11 AM (106 months, 19 days ago)


Woman earned just $18,000 over 19 years.

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (AP) -- A federal jury found a wealthy suburban couple guilty Friday of harboring an illegal immigrant and forcing her to work as their maid for 19 years.

The Filipino national testified during the eight-day trial that she felt like a prisoner in Jefferson and Elnora Calimlim's home.

The couple was found guilty of harboring an illegal immigrant for financial gain, conspiracy to harbor an illegal immigrant for financial gain, forced labor and attempted forced labor.

Their eldest son, 31-year-old Jefferson M. Calimlim, was found guilty of harboring an illegal immigrant, one of three charges against him.

Irma Martinez testified she worked 16 hour days for minimal pay for the couple, physicians who are legal residents of the United States but citizens of the Philippines.

The Calimlims face prison, fines, deportation and forfeiture of their $1.2 million home when sentenced September 15. Their U.S.-born son faces prison and fines.

Can you imagine a poor imprisoned maid having to clean the Kennedy compound with a toothbrush?


Terrorists Receive Embedded Information in Spamming Cut and Paste America Hate Blogs

@ 01:58 AM (106 months, 20 days ago)

Hopefully Homeland Security is monitoring this traffic.  The technique involved is to cut and paste enough material over and over into a blog that no one would read and terrorist network members receive the embedded information.  It is a clever ploy but the Men in Black are watching and in a number of cases have already pounced quietly and are disseminating disinformation.


Boston Murder Defendant John Gomes Pulls a Saddam and Tries to Murder His Lawyer in Open Court

@ 11:10 PM (106 months, 20 days ago)


BOSTON (Reuters) - A man charged with murder in Massachusetts was so angry with his lawyer's performance he attacked the attorney in court, trying to strangle him as a shocked judge looked on, Boston radio reported on Wednesday.

"I think he just didn't like the way some of the rulings the judge was making was going yesterday morning," attorney Bruce Carroll told WBZ Radio of the Tuesday morning attack by defendant John Gomes in Boston's Suffolk Superior Court.

"He eventually stood up, started saying something and reached over and grabbed me by the throat," said Carroll.

Several officers intervened before the 6-foot (1.8-meter), 250-pound (113-kg) Gomes was separated from Carroll, the radio reported. Carroll had tried to withdraw from the case last week but the judge denied his request.

Rick Santorum Begins the Inveitable Unraveling of Bob Casey, Jr. - Bob Casey Jr's free fall just beginning according to latest poll

@ 11:00 PM (106 months, 20 days ago)

A key democratic target in November is Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.  The DNC has put a ton of bucks into this race already while Santorum only began to campaign slightly after the primaries.  This is a race to watch.  A Santorum victory is a huge stake in the heart (like it has a REAL one) of the DNC.

A Santorum Supporter's Perspective on the Casey Campaign

by Randy Potter


Campaign News: Bob Casey Jr's free fall just beginning according to latest poll"
The latest Keystone/Franklin & Marshall poll reveals that Senator Santorum is quickly closing the gap between him and his presumed opponent Bob Casey Jr. Casey's lead is now only six points. (Casey 47% and Santorum 41%). I have to admit that this was expected. I never thought Casey was a strong enough candidate to hold a double digit lead into the late summer/early fall campaign season. The graph below reveals that Casey has been in a steady decline since his peak in November. Furthermore, the sharp decline in recent months could be the beginning of a free fall.

It just seems like the more Pennsylvania voters become familiar with Casey the less likely they are willing to vote for him. Casey is simply not an inspirational/high energy type candidate. Casey's two primary debate flops confirm these perceived character flaws. In my opinion, Casey primary opponent Chuck Pennachio won both of the primary debates. Actually, Casey came in last in the Slippery Rock debate behind both Pennachio and Alan Sandals. PA democratic voters are probably wonder how Casey will ever defeat Senator Santorum in November if he can't even win a debate against two relatively unknown candidates in the primary. There goes party morale.

The inevitable Casey freefall encompasses more than just personality flaws. The truth is Casey and his campaign doesn't represent the views and passions of democratic voters. These are the same voters that are not willing to "sell out" party principles just to defeat Santorum in November. I personally don't blame them.

Time for Howard Dean to Step Down - He Has Lost Even His Political Base - Gay democrat Voters

@ 10:53 PM (106 months, 20 days ago)


Thursday, May 25, 2006

I HAVE BEEN a Democratic Party activist since I was 12 and handed out fliers in my New York neighborhood for John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign. I have always supported Democrats because I believe they have stood up for workers, for the human and civil rights of all people, and for a set of values I share.

Howard Dean is eroding my belief — not in the Democratic Party but in the ability of the Democratic National Committee to speak for the party. I long ago stopped contributing to the DNC, way back when I worried some of my money might go the re-election of Sam Nunn, the former senator from Georgia who came up with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

But I give as generously as I can to individual Democrats because I still believe that they are the best hope to see our nation lives up to its ideals.

I was not a Howard Dean supporter in the presidential primaries and didn’t support his candidacy for party chair either. I’ve always been suspicious of his pandering to gay voters when he thought he needed us. It is clear now that he thinks we are a burden on the Democratic Party, and he is moving away from us as fast as he thinks he can get away with it.

To do so is wrong strategically and a betrayal of the party’s ideals. People don’t want wishy-washy statements — they want clear position statements from their politicians and their parties. That is what wins supporters and elections.

So Howard Dean must go.

Scoffing at democrat minority leader nancy pelosi's Request to Resign, william jefferson Play Race Card

@ 12:21 AM (106 months, 21 days ago)


What a shocker.  The only shock is that it took so long for him to play the race card.  THIS IS YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of who the real racists are.  This joker is playing the Cynthia McKinney script.  Isn't the infighting among the democrats fun to observe?

WASHINGTON — Louisiana Democratic Rep. William Jefferson said Wednesday that he won’t submit to calls for his resignation from a House panel while he is under investigation in a federal bribery case.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., sent Jefferson a letter asking him to step down from his seat on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee.

"In the interest of upholding the high ethical standard of the House Democratic Caucus, I am writing to request your immediate resignation from the Ways and Means Committee," Pelosi wrote.

Jefferson responded in a written statement, saying he will not resign. Jefferson has not been indicted and has denied wrongdoing.

"None of the matters reported to be under scrutiny involve issues under jurisdiction of the Ways and Means committee. Therefore, such a request would be even more perplexing and unreasonable. If I agreed, it would unfairly punish the people of the 2nd District and I will not stand for that," Jefferson said.

"Further, such a request would be discriminatory, in as much as no other member currently under federal investigation has been asked to step down from a relevant committee assignment. Therefore, I will not give up a committee assignment that is so vital to New Orleans at this crucial time for any uncertain, long-term political strategy," he added.

Jefferson then headed off to yet another taxpayer financed dinner at one of DC's fine restaurants.


Sample of Some liberal left "insight" Found as a Comment to Yet Another Outstanding Post on From the Dark Stream.com

@ 11:27 PM (106 months, 21 days ago)

I am constantly amazed with the hate speech my liberal friends throw around like it's all ok.  Check this out:

"F**k you. The neo-cons are no more, stop thinking that killing innocent people is cool and powerful. It is sick and self serving. What would JC say to you and the "Christian" Bushies when you het to heaven? "Going down!"

Invasion rocked, maybe Sci-Fi or Fx should pick it back up.

Comment by Furious from the left— 2006/05/24 @ 04:30 PM — (Reply)"

There is something inconsistent in that shall we say raging rant.  Could furious from the left be Howard Dean himself?



Free Copy of Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed by Katharine DeBrecht

@ 12:40 AM (106 months, 22 days ago)

Please provide shipping information and I will send you a copy of this delightful book for FREE

This full-color illustrated book is a fun way for parents to teach young children the valuable lessons of conservatism. Written in simple text, readers can follow along with Tommy and Lou as they open a lemonade stand to earn money for a swing set. But when liberals start demanding that Tommy and Lou pay half their money in taxes, take down their picture of Jesus, and serve broccoli with every glass of lemonade, the young brothers experience the downside to living in Liberaland.

"Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!" offers a witty alternative to the usual liberal fare, demonstrating the virtues of capitalism and true diversity of expression in words and pictures that both kids and adults can laugh along with.

With the nation’s libraries and classrooms filled with overtly liberal children’s books advocating everything from gay marriage to marijuana use, kids everywhere are being deluged with left-wing propaganda. "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed" is the book conservative parents have been seeking. This illustrated book — the first in the "Help! Mom!" series from Kids Ahead — is perfect for parents who seek to share their traditional values with their children, as well as adults who wish to give a humorous gift to a friend.

Hailed as "the answer to a baseball mom's prayers" by talk radio host Melanie Morgan, "Liberals Under My Bed" has already been the subject of coverage in The Wall Street Journal and Harper’s magazine. Written by a self-proclaimed "Security Mom for Bush" and featuring hilarious full-color illustrations by a Reuben Award winning artist, it is certain to be one of the most talked about children's books of the year.


Hermann Goering is Alive and Directed September 11 Attack

@ 11:17 PM (106 months, 22 days ago)


Goering is only one of several prominent Nazi's that the administration has thawed out in the cryogenics lab to promote the evil Bush scheme of world domination.

"The way Hermann built and managed the Luftwaffe, we knew he was the only man who could successfully carry off the aerial portion of the September 11 plan", said Dick Cheney.

United for a Fair Economy (UFE) - Left Wing Billioniare Syndrome -Why are names like Soros, Gates and Rockefeller associated with ultraliberal causes? .

@ 10:48 PM (106 months, 22 days ago)

George Soros is a star investor, a superphilanthropist, a terrific tennis player and a dopey liberal. I learned all this and a lot more by reading the fascinating new book about him by Michael T. Kaufman, also by barging around in the spacious Web site at soros.org. In the latter venue is this credo: "One of the most promising developments … has been the formation of state-based, progressive coalitions. Around the country, labor, choice and civil rights groups, among others, have joined forces to work towards reform.… To ensure that money is spent in areas where it is needed, regional progressive allies must work together." Furthering all this progressivism have been Soros grants to left-liberal think tanks like the Economic Policy Institute (which also gets money from the AFL-CIO) and the Center for Law and Social Policy.

What makes so many smart billionaires gravitate to primitive liberal positions one would normally associate with, say, a Bennington freshman? Money guilt. Lew H.Rockwell, president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, offered this explanation during last year's debate over repeal of the estate tax: "The rich have always supported the estate tax. Despite their wealth, they have imbibed the dominant culture's ethic of egalitarianism and decided to promote it as a means of expiating their alleged sins." My own preferred variant of this argument is that the rich promote it for much the same reason they build 60-room mansions: Both manifest Veblenesque "conspicuous consumption." Paying immense estate taxes with no sweat is a terrific way of advertising your financial invulnerability. Note that even a 99% estate tax would not be too painful for the fellow with $1 billion; there's still $10 million left to see his grandchildren through Yale.

Another possible explanation, arguably discernible in the estate tax arguments, is that some billionaires leave their brains behind when venturing into the political realm. The record of last year's debate seems to show that a number of extremely rich, extremely smart people publicly identified themselves as estate tax fans at the urging of a bunch of loony leftists calling themselves United for a Fair Economy (UFE). The organization supports the "living wage" (a kind of superminimum wage) and opposes globalization. Its members include many who have read and heeded the Global Activist's Manual, heavily promoted by the UFE.

News accounts at the time made it seem that the guiding spirit behind Save the Estate Tax was William Gates Sr., father of Bill Jr. But Bill Sr. was at all points surrounded by UFE stalwarts, who organized the petition drive to retain the tax, ultimately got 120 well-heeled signatories and gave the New York Times an exclusive on the story. Said the petition: "Repealing the estate tax would enrich the heirs of America's millionaires and billionaires while hurting families who struggle to make ends meet." The initial signatories included Soros, Gates Sr., Steven Rockefeller, David Rockefeller Jr., flour heiress Katharine Pillsbury and (naturally) Ben & Jerry's Ben Cohen.

But when the list got published in the Times, another 300 or so--including Julian Robertson of the Tiger Fund, Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems and (naturally) actor Paul Newman--hastened to add their names.

UFE is a strange animal. Its cofounder and project coordinator is a chap named Charles (Chuck) Collins, an Oscar Mayer heir who attained a certain fame in his mid-twenties when he renounced his hot dog inheritance and went to live in a commune. For giving away the loot, he received the "Robin Hood Award," bestowed by like-minded rich youngsters who despised their wealth. Somewhere along the way, he got the idea of using rich people to promote left-liberal causes, and in furtherance of this idea developed a dirigiste UFE subsidiary called Responsible Wealth, whose membership is limited to folks in the top 5% of income distribution.

Collins appears to be a free spirit and a public relations genius. During the 2000 political campaigns, he briefly had the media entranced with bold talk of organizing a Million Billionaire March (under the slogan "Inequality is not growing fast enough"), which, fortunately or otherwise, drew close to nobody.

Now in his early 40s, he is writing a book with William Gates Sr.

Who Has Read the Best Books Published in the Last 25 Years? No...NOT Comic Books

@ 08:43 PM (106 months, 22 days ago)

Early this year, the Book Review's editor, Sam Tanenhaus, sent out a short letter to a couple of hundred prominent writers, critics, editors and other literary sages, asking them to please identify "the single best work of American fiction published in the last 25 years." [Read A. O. Scott's essay. See a list of the judges.] Following are the results"



Toni Morrison



Don DeLillo


Blood Meridian

Cormac McCarthy


Rabbit Angstrom: The Four Novels

John Updike






American Pastoral

Philip Roth



A Confederacy of Dunces

John Kennedy Toole



Marilynne Robinson


    (This book was not reviewed by The Times.)
Winter's Tale

Mark Helprin


White Noise

Don DeLillo


The Counterlife

Philip Roth



Don DeLillo


Where I'm Calling From

Raymond Carver


The Things They Carried

Tim O'Brien



Norman Rush


Jesus' Son

Denis Johnson


Operation Shylock

Philip Roth


Independence Day

Richard Ford


Sabbath's Theater

Philip Roth


Border Trilogy

Cormac McCarthy





The Human Stain

Philip Roth


The Known World

Edward P. Jones


The Plot Against America

Philip Roth


Zogby Poll: Patrick Kennedy IMPROVES Family Image

@ 07:39 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)


@ 07:37 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)

Senate Panel has no idea what to do when a nominee makes sense.  Here is a good example:

Four-Star General Michael Hayden, in confirmation hearings before the Senate, insisted that it’s time for the CIA “to get out of the news.” He went on to explain, “We’re supposed to be a secret outfit but between illegal disclosures of our members, hearings about how we’re handling things, and nominations, we don’t have any secret agents left.”

In response to his plea, the committee continued to grill him while a crowd of news photographers continued to snap pictures of him, which would no doubt appear on the front pages of newspapers around the world.

The General, continuing to make his case, pleaded, “How can you infiltrate a terror cell undetected when your face has been plastered all over the place?”

Sick and Tired of All Racists

@ 07:28 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)


You call me "Whiteboy", "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey" and you think it's OK.

But when I call you, nigger, Kike, Towelhead, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink you call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have Miss Black America.
You have the
United Negro College Fund.
You have Martin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month.
You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Yom Hashoah
You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi
You have the NAACP.
You have BET.

If we had WET(white entertainment television) we'd be racists.

If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists.
If we had Miss White America, we'd be racists.

If we had white history month, we'd be racists.

If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives, we'd be racists.

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you know we'd be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the
US, yet if there were "White colleges" that would be a racist college.

In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us.
But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug-dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

I am proud.

But, you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists?

Proud Parent - muslim Style

@ 01:18 AM (106 months, 23 days ago)


Did you hear the one about the father of the Arab suicide bomber?

"I'm so proud of little Mahmoud," he said. "You know, it's funny about kids – they blow up so fast!"

I Would Never Have Sex With That Woman - Hillary Clinton

@ 01:13 AM (106 months, 23 days ago)


It would be like having sex with a black widow spider.

Hell To Pay For Hillary Clinton


Order Christmas Gifts for Your liberal democrat Friends Now

@ 11:57 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)

I already have my order in to enclose in the Christmas Cards I send.

Blue States Suck Sticker (Oval)

From the Designer
“I don't know what the morons in those BLUE STATES were thinking voting for that other guy. Let them know what you think of them with this fine item. BLUE STATES SUCK!”

Tired of Losing, Al Gore Announces New Clothing Line for Wal-Mart

@ 11:55 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)


Blue States Suck Yellow T-Shirt

President Bush Announces that White House Will Fly Various Flags in Addition to the Stars and Stripes Beginning with the Classic Confederate Flag

@ 11:13 PM (106 months, 23 days ago)


Heritage Not Hate....The Confederate flag appears in many good places.


Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Cynthia McKinney With All Her Multiple Personalities

@ 11:46 PM (106 months, 24 days ago)



NPR Easily Lampooned by General Reinwald

@ 11:33 PM (106 months, 24 days ago)


Marine Corps General Reinwald was interviewed on the radio
the other day and you have to read his reply to the lady who
interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless
of how you feel about gun laws you gotta love this!!!!

This is one of the best comeback lines of all time. It is a
portion of National Public Radio (NPR) interview between a
female broadcaster and US Marine Corps General Reinwald
who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: So, General Reinwald, what things are
you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

GENERAL REINWALD: We're going to teach them climbing,
canoeing, archery, and shooting.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Shooting! That's a bit irresponsible,
isn't it?

GENERAL REINWALD: I don't see why, they'll be properly
supervised on the rifle range.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: Don't you admit that this is a terribly
dangerous activity to be teaching children?

GENERAL REINWALD: I don't see how. We will be teaching
them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

FEMALE INTERVIEWER: But you're equipping them to become
violent killers.

GENERAL REINWALD: Well, Ma'am, you're equipped to be a
prostitute, but you're not one, are you?


Chimpanzee Human Break Up Sex Ancient DNA History

@ 11:21 PM (106 months, 24 days ago)


NEW YORK—One of the most detailed comparisons yet of human and chimp DNA shows that the split between the two species was a long, messy affair that may even have featured an unusual evolutionary version of breakup sex.

Previous genetic research has shown that chimpanzees and humans are sister species, having split off from a common ancestor about 7 million years ago. The new study goes further by looking at approximately 800 times more DNA than earlier efforts.

"For the first time we're able to see the details written out in the DNA," said Eric Lander, one of the collaborators on the study. "What they tell us at the least is that the human-chimp speciation was very unusual."

Unusual, indeed. The researchers, from the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, propose humans and chimpanzees first split up about 10 million years ago. Then, after evolving in different directions for 4 million years, they got back together for a brief fling that produced a third, hybrid population with characteristics of both lines. That genetic collaboration gave rise to two branches — one leading to humans and the other to chimps.

Hugo Chavez Predicts the Future and Invades Venezuela Himself

@ 11:15 PM (106 months, 24 days ago)


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has for years predicted that a foreign army would attack the South American nation to snatch its vast oil reserves. A simulation conducted this week showed how it might happen.

A naval landing craft made landfall on the shores of Western Falcon state carrying troops and over a dozen camouflaged tanks.

The "invading" army then took over the massive Paraguana Refining Complex, a key asset of the world's No. 5 crude exporter.  The "occupation" is part of a military exercise to train troops and communities to repel a foreign invader.

Shove it Arab Towel Heads, No More Dollars for Oil, Hydrogen Engine Center Oxx Power is Here

@ 09:52 PM (106 months, 24 days ago)


ALGONA, Iowa -- While much of the world fumes over escalating fuel prices, a small company in north central Iowa is quietly hoping to make gasoline obsolete as an engine fuel.

Research at the Hydrogen Engine Center is done in an early 1900s red brick armory at the Kossuth County fairgrounds.

There, a clean six-cylinder engine that looks like it could have been pulled from a Ford pickup has been running for 110 hours, not quite half the 300 hours it must continuously run for certification. The company, led by a retired Ford Motor engineer, hopes to meet Environmental Protection Agency automotive 2007 emission standards.

All 81 parts are original Oxx Power, the brand name the company has given all its engines. The engine can run on a number of fuels including hydrogen, ethanol, natural gas, propane or digester gas from landfills.


Soon to be President Tom Tancredo on Illegal Aliens (so called Immigrants), Border Issues and Terrorism

@ 02:00 PM (106 months, 26 days ago)


Congressman Tancredo is one of the rare Americans serving the public who tells it like it is truthfully.  A Tancredo - Rice Presidential ticket would consistently protect the best interests of the United States.

Check out this interview:

John Hawkins: Do you think offering amnesty to illegal aliens currently in the United States would cause an explosion in the number of illegals coming to our country?

Tom Tancredo: Only if you believe that rewarding illegal behavior will increase illegal behavior, and of course it will. It has happened before, it's completely predictable. If you tell people they will be benefit from coming into the United States illegally, not by waiting in line like everybody else, they will come. And why would they not?

Of course, it's a terrible idea. It will not only encourage illegal immigration, but it will tell every single person who has done it the right way, who has waited in line, who has paid the fees, who has hired the lawyers, who has spent five or ten years trying to come in, it's telling them they're nothing but suckers. It's telling everyone else who's waiting in line to do it the right way that they're also suckers.


The rest of the story is HERE

Paul McCartney And Heather Mills Call It Quits - Viagra, Levitra and Cialis Blamed for NOT Getting Involved

@ 10:57 AM (106 months, 26 days ago)


Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills-McCartney have decided to separate because they've found it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship in the glare of the public eye.

"Having tried exceptionally hard to make our relationship work given the daily pressures surrounding us, it is with sadness that we have decided to go our separate ways," they said in a joint statement. "Our parting is amicable and both of us still care about each other very much but have found it increasingly difficult to maintain a normal relationship with constant intrusion into our private lives, and we have actively tried to protect the privacy of our child."

Of the record Mills says, "I am sick of living with the lame geezer.  The old fart refuses to try viagra, cialis or levitra.  He has ne followed by bodyguards 24/7 so I can't even get any on the side."

"No I am not a golddigger.  Have you looked at me?  Only to a drunk would I qualify as a "babe"".

Barry Bonds for to Have His Own Show Titled Bonds on Bonds to Get a Balanced Interview

@ 02:36 AM (106 months, 26 days ago)

There is one interview Bonds gets along with ... himself.  I recommend watching his show.  I Tivo it here.  It's a riot.  Granted the guy has been a jerk over the years but with or without steroids, the man is a great baseball player and a sure Hall of Famer with or without steroids.


If Bonds would come forth and admit that he used steroids, do you think the hate would stop?  This would give more ammunition for those who hate him to use.  It is not about steroids.  It is about chasing Ruth.  Just ask Aaron if he received hate mail?  Aaron never used steroids.


Aaron was booed


Some people have short memory.  When Hank Aaron was chasing Ruth’s record, he was booed and his life was threatened.  No one has ever accused Aaron of using steroids.  Why are people pretending to like Aaron, when they hated him when he chased Ruth’s record?  


Will all the “Saints” stand who gave Astros pitcher Russ Springer a standing ovation for hitting Bonds?  Those who don’t think racism plays a role in the hate that Bonds receives are in denial.   


Racism is still alive and kicking


Those who don’t think racism is still alive in the country have been living in a cave or just too proud to own up to it. A racist does not like to be called a racist. When blacks bring racism to the forefront, racists call it “playing the race card.” The Klan does not like to be called racists. They wear a suit and tie now.   


Sure, blacks have made gains in the last 40-years through forced legislative actions and civil rights marches. But one thing legislation has not been able to do and that is legislate hate and prejudice. Laws have been enacted to prevent racial behavior, but not racial attitudes.  Racism has gotten very sophisticated since those early years of active racial behavior.


Some media promote hate


There are some in the media who play a big role in promoting racism.  If you read some sports pages and listen to some talk shows, you will see that some media promote fans to display racial behavior and attitudes.  Some media and fans choose their words with caution, but even Willy Foo Foo can read between the lines.



Plain and simple...Bonds is the greatest player of his generation and arguably ever.


Since Elizabeth Montgomery is Dead, Hillary Clinton Decides to Cast Her Own Witch Spells - But Hillary is no Samantha Stephens

@ 02:24 AM (106 months, 26 days ago)


Unlike Elizabeth Montgomery who used her powers for good and unable to find unearthly assistance elsewhere Hillary starts with using her evil powers to eliminate competition...for example how do you think Patrick Kennedy ended up in the Mayo Clinic Rehab?  As a Kennedy thhe whole thing could have been covered up but NO....the witch trashed his career.

Dick York is considering back to life to foil Hillary's evil plans.


Nazi Exterminated by International Space Hall of Fame

@ 01:09 AM (106 months, 27 days ago)


I have to admit I had never heard of the International Space Hall of Fame before I ran across this story.

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. — A former Nazi who was linked to experiments on prisoners in the infamous Dachau concentration camp in Germany has been ousted from the International Space Hall of Fame.

The New Mexico Museum of Space History's commission voted unanimously last week to remove German-born Hubertus Strughold from the hall. His name was removed Tuesday from a plaque near the museum's front door and will be removed from various areas throughout the museum by the end of the week, said spokeswoman Cathy Harper.

Strughold, who died in 1987, had been brought to the United States by the military after World War II to work on aerospace projects.

The museum had honored him in 1978 for his work in developing the spacesuit, space capsule and his contributions to space medicine.

Cyprus Raccoon Smuggling Results in Major Power Outage

@ 12:53 AM (106 months, 27 days ago)


NICOSIA (Reuters) - A raccoon suffered an 11,000 volt electric shock when it scampered up a pylon in Cyprus but escaped with burns.

The nocturnal mammal triggered a two-hour power outage at the town of Aradippou in southeast Cyprus after it scaled the pylon. It was eventually captured with a net and has been impounded by vets as an illegal import.

"It suffered some burns which we treated and is now recovering ... it certainly has the will to live," Charalambos Kakoyiannis of the island's veterinary department said on Thursday.

Raccoons, a native of the Americas, were introduced to Europe last century but are alien to Cyprus and authorities said the animal, whose owner was unknown, was smuggled onto the island.


How to Know the Difference Between Love, Infatuation and Lust

@ 10:10 PM (106 months, 27 days ago)


While there's no clear, fool-proof way to decipher your feelings for someone, there are certain ways to make the distinction between love, lust and infatuation clearer for yourself.  Say for example you are Ted Kennedy.




Is Milford Michigan Where Robert Kennedy Had Jimmy Hoffa Buried?

@ 10:00 PM (106 months, 27 days ago)

In the latest effort to solve a mystery that began more than 30 years ago, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said today that it was following a "fairly credible lead" that the remains of James R. Hoffa, the former Teamsters president, could be buried on a horse farm northwest of Detroit.

Using cadaver dogs borrowed from Detroit police, and aided by students and professors from Michigan State University, F.B.I. agents said they were searching an 80-acre horse farm in Milford, Mich.

Daniel D. Roberts, the special agent in charge of the Detroit F.B.I. office, said the search could take weeks.

At a news conference this afternoon on a dirt road at the entrance to the Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford, Mr. Roberts said no trace of Mr. Hoffa had yet been discovered. Nor would he give details of the search warrant, which was sealed by a federal judge in Detroit.

But, Mr. Roberts said, "This is probably a fairly credible lead" in Mr. Hoffa's disappearance. Mr. Roberts, who has been in his position for the past two years, added that it was "the best lead I've seen come across in the Hoffa investigation."

The F.B.I. contacted Mr. Hoffa's daughter, Barbara Hoffa Crancer, a circuit court judge in St. Louis, on Wednesday night, people with direct knowledge of the conversation said today. Mr. Hoffa's son, James P. Hoffa, who is the current Teamsters president, was in Detroit today but had no immediate comment.

Yet, such leads have perennially failed to turn up the body of Mr. Hoffa, who disappeared July 31, 1975, after failing to return from a dinner meeting. Police, who had been contacted by his family, found his 1974 Pontiac the next day in the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, Mich.

The latest search is the third in the past two years by the F.B.I., and it follows one of a number of tips that have placed Mr. Hoffa's body everywhere from the Meadowlands in New Jersey to a house in Detroit.

Huge Public Support for Border Troops

@ 09:52 PM (106 months, 27 days ago)


 This is coming from ABC of all places.  Imagine what the real numbers are.  After viewing the poll numbers, Hillary Clinton demands immediate troop deployment.

An ABC/Post poll finds that three-quarters of Americans say the United States is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants out of the country — and, given that view, the public broadly supports sending National Guard troops to patrol the border with Mexico.

Seventy-four percent support the idea of sending the Guard, which President Bush is expected to propose in a national address tonight. Twenty-five percent are opposed.

Support for the proposal peaks in Bush's political and ideological corner — 85 percent of Republicans like the idea, as do 86 percent of conservatives. But it also wins support from about three-quarters of independents and moderates, and two-thirds of Democrats. It falls shorter among liberals, with 51 percent in favor, 47 percent opposed.

In another sign of the extent of its appeal, the proposal is supported by 76 percent in the so-called red states that Bush won in the 2004 presidential election — and by about as many, 71 percent, in John Kerry's blue states.

There is No Sensible Reason Not to Immediately Begin Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in Western Gulf of Mexico

@ 09:41 PM (106 months, 27 days ago)


Are you kidding me?  Mexico owes us big time.  Let the drilling frenzy begin.

WASHINGTON May 18, 2006 (AP)— The House on Thursday debated whether to end a quarter-century ban on offshore oil and gas development in coastal waters outside the western Gulf of Mexico, weighing arguments that new supplies are needed to lower energy prices.

The drilling ban was removed from a $25.9 billion Interior Department spending bill in committee as it applies to natural gas and an amendment, offered on the House floor on Thursday, would lift the moratoria on offshore oil drilling as well.

democrats Plan to Use the Kennedy Formula for 2006 Election

@ 12:36 AM (106 months, 28 days ago)


Do you have feelings of inadequacy? Do you suffer from shyness?
Do you sometimes wish you were more assertive?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist about Tequila®.
Tequila® is the safe, natural way to feel better and more confident about yourself and your actions.
Tequila® can help ease you out of your shyness and let you tell the world that you're ready and willing to do just about anything.
You will notice the benefits of Tequila® almost immediately, and with a regimen of regular doses you can overcome any obstacles that prevent you from living the life you want to live.
Shyness and awkwardness will be a thing of the past, and you will discover many talents you never knew you had. Stop hiding and start living, with Tequila®.
Tequila® may not be right for everyone.
Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use Tequila®. However, women who wouldn't mind nursing or becoming pregnant are encouraged to try it.
Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, incarceration, erotic lustfulness, loss of motor control, loss of clothing, loss of money, loss of virginity, delusions of grandeur, table dancing, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, and a desire to sing Karaoke and play all-night rounds of Strip Poker, Truth Or Dare, and Naked Twister.
Tequila®. Leave Shyness Behind

Surprise Surprise Hillary Clinton Practicing Flip Flopping Skills for 2008

@ 12:09 AM (106 months, 28 days ago)

One of these days Hillary may have to take a position on something.  Wait until the democratic primaries start and her opponents unveil Hillary's lesbian dirty laundry.  "I did not have sex with that woman, Janet Reno."  "Anyone has the right to be gay not that there is anything the matter with that."

Backing away from her assertion that the current generation is lazy, Sen. Hillary Clinton said she simply wanted to “set the bar high” when she said last week that young people “think work is a four-letter word.” She said daughter Chelsea called to complain after hearing her mom’s remarks. Clinton: “She said, ‘Mom, I do work hard, and my friends work hard.’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to convey the impression that you don’t work hard.’ ”

Political experts wonder whether the take-back has something to do with polls showing young people as her biggest base of support.

Also on the Hillary front: She has endorsed Sen. Joe Lieberman in his Connecticut primary fight with the anti-war Ned Lamont. Left-leaning bloggers are upset.  Do you think?  Is she a warmonger?  Is she warm and fuzzy?  Will she try anything to get elected?  Didn't she PROMISE New York citizens she would serve her FULL TERM if elected?


islam muslim Mail Order Bride Web Sites Brimming with Female Applicants

@ 11:58 PM (106 months, 28 days ago)


These women are trying anything to get the hell out of there.  More mail order bride websites start up every day.  Unfortunately a lot of the lookers are captured and kept by the sand dogs.   imageTHIS MAN has been trying for years to lure some un-

suspecting innocent islamist muslim bride to the US to be his slave.  Unfortunately for him, every time he attempts to

snag one from HERE, he is rejected after he sends in his photo.

Islamist terrorist Attorney Shoots Up Ankara Turkey Courtroom - Kills Judge

@ 11:45 PM (106 months, 28 days ago)

At least this nutjob stuck to the eastern hemisphere.  A common theme among these islamist terrorists is that is something is not they way they like it, it must be destroyed.  How many lessons will there need to be until the entire United States population "gets it"?

A gunman shouting "Allah is Great" struck at the heart of Turkey's secular establishment yesterday, killing a judge and wounding four others at the highest administrative court.

The attacker, a lawyer, used his ID to get past security at the Council of State in the capital, Ankara. Armed with a plastic-coated Glock pistol, he made his way to the eighth floor, where the second chamber was in session. He broke into the room and unloaded two clips from his pistol, shouting, "I am a soldier of Allah", witnesses said. Police caught him trying to flee using a back door. He was named by Turkish media as Alpaslan Aslan, 29.

The court is best known for its strict upholding of secular laws, in particular a ban on headscarves in universities and public offices which has become a rallying point for Islamists. The ban dates back to Turkey's founder Mustapha Kemal Ataturk, who abolished religious dress and adopted a Swiss-based legal code in 1923. Tension between secularists and Islamists has plagued Turkey ever since.

One of the injured judges, Mustafa Birden, made headlines earlier this year when he ruled that teachers, who are banned from wearing the Islamic headscarf at work, could not cover their heads even on their way to school. He has reportedly received death threats since then. One Islamist newspaper printed photographs of him and other judges from the court's second chamber, which deals with education issues.

A Real Iraq War Story About Real People with a Good Ending - Flip Floppers (you know who you are) Beware

@ 12:59 AM (106 months, 29 days ago)


(The following story was written by Lori Kimble, a 31 year old teacher and proud military wife. Mrs. Kimble, a California native, currently lives in Alabama.)

I was sitting alone in one of those loud, casual steak houses that
you find all over the country. You know the type--a bucket of
peanuts on every table, shells littering the floor, and a bunch of
perky college kids racing around with longneck beers and sizzling

Taking a sip of my iced tea, I studied the crowd over the rim of my
glass. My gaze lingered on a group enjoying their meal. They wore no
uniform to identify their branch of service, but they were
definitely "military:” clean shaven, cropped haircut, and
that "squared away" look that comes with pride.

Smiling sadly, I glanced across my table to the empty seat where my
husband usually sat. It had only been a few months since we sat in
this very booth, talking about his upcoming deployment to the Middle
East. That was when he made me promise to get a sitter for the kids,
come back to this restaurant once a month and treat myself to a nice
steak In turn he would treasure the thought of me being here,
thinking about him until he returned home.

I fingered the little flag pin I constantly wear and wondered where
he was at this very moment. Was he safe and warm? Was his cold any
better? Were my letters getting through to him? As I pondered these
thoughts, high pitched female voices from the next booth broke into
my thoughts.

"I don't know what Bush is thinking about. Invading Iraq. You'd
think that man would learn from his old man's mistakes. Good lord.
What an idiot! I can't believe he is even in office. You do know, he stole the election."

I cut into my steak and tried to ignore them, as they began an
endless tirade running down our president. I thought about the last
night I spent with my husband, as he prepared to deploy. He had just
returned from getting his smallpox and anthrax shots. The image of
him standing in our kitchen packing his gas mask still gives me

Once again the women's voices invaded my thoughts. "It is all about
oil, you know. Our soldiers will go in and rape and steal all the
oil they can in the name of 'freedom'. Humph! I wonder how many
innocent people they'll kill without giving it a thought. It's pure
greed, you know."

My chest tightened as I stared at my wedding ring. I could still see
how handsome my husband looked in his "mess dress" the day he
slipped it on my finger. I wondered what he was wearing now.
Probably his desert uniform, affectionately dubbed "coffee stains"
with a heavy bulletproof vest over it.

"You know, we should just leave Iraq alone. I don't think they are
hiding any weapons. In fact, I bet it's all a big act just to
increase the president's popularity. That's all it is, padding the
military budget at the expense of our social security and education.
And, you know what else? We're just asking for another 9-ll. I can't
say when it happens again that we didn't deserve it."

Their words brought to mind the war protesters I had watched
gathering outside our base. Did no one appreciate the sacrifice of
brave men and women, who leave their homes and family to ensure our
freedom? Do they even know what "freedom" is?

I glanced at the table where the young men were sitting, and saw
their courageous faces change. They had stopped eating and looked at
each other dejectedly, listening to the women talking. "Well, I, for
one, think it's just deplorable to invade Iraq, and I am certainly
sick of our tax dollars going to train professional baby-killers we
call a military."

Professional baby-killers? I thought about what a wonderful father
my husband is, and of how long it would be before he would see our
children again.

That's it! Indignation rose up inside me. Normally reserved, pride
in my husband gave me a brassy boldness I never realized I had.
Tonight one voice will answer on behalf of our military, and let her
pride in our troops be known.

Sliding out of my booth, I walked around to the adjoining booth and
placed my hands flat on their table. Lowering myself to eye level
with them, smilingly said, "I couldn't help overhearing your
conversation. You see, I'm sitting here trying to enjoy my dinner
alone. And, do you know why? Because my husband, whom I love with
all my heart, is halfway around the world defending your right to
say rotten things about him. Yes, you have the right to your
opinion, and what you think is none of my business. However, what
you say in public is something else, and I will not sit by and
listen to you ridicule MY country, MY president, MY husband, and all
t he other fine American men and women who put their lives on the
line, just so you can have the "freedom" to complain. Freedom is an
expensive commodity, ladies. Don't let your actions cheapen it."

I must have been louder that I meant to be, because the manager came
over to inquire if everything was all right. "Yes, thank you," I

Then, turning back to the women, I said, "Enjoy the rest of your

As I returned to my booth applause broke out. I was embarrassed for
making a scene, and went back to my half eaten steak. The women
picked up their check and scurried away.

After finishing my meal, and while waiting for my check, the manager
returned with a huge apple cobbler ala mode. "Compliments of those
soldiers," he said. He also smiled and said the ladies tried to pay
for my dinner, but that another couple had beaten them to it. When I
asked who, the manager said they had already left, but that the gentleman was a veteran, and wanted to take care of the wife of "one
of our boys."

With a lump in my throat, I gratefully turned to the soldiers and
thanked them for the cobbler. Grinning from ear to ear, they came
over and surrounded the booth. "We just wanted to thank you, ma'am.
You know we can't get into confrontations with civilians, so we
appreciate what you did."

As I drove home, for the first time since my husband's deployment, I
didn't feel quite so alone. My heart was filled with the warmth of
the other diners who stopped by my table, to relate how they, too,
were proud of my husband, and would keep him in their prayers. I
knew their flags would fly a little higher the next day.

Perhaps they would look for more tangible ways to show their pride
in our country, and the military that protect her. And maybe, just
maybe, the two women who were railing against our country would
pause for a minute to appreciate all the freedom America offers, and
the price it pays to maintain its freedom.

As for me, I have learned that one voice CAN make a difference.
Maybe the next time protesters gather outside the gates of the base
where I live, I will proudly stand on the opposite side with a sign
of my own. It will simply say, "Thank You!"

To those who fought for our Nation: Freedom has a flavor the
protected will never know. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


Saudi Men Continue to Control Lingerie Shops including Victoria Secret in Ryadh

@ 12:57 AM (107 months, 18 hours ago)


RIYADH (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia has postponed plans to replace male sales assistants in lingerie shops, saying it wants to give outlets more time to prepare for the move which has irritated the influential religious circles.

The government, which wants more women to work as part of its efforts to reduce reliance on foreign labor, took the decision last June and businesses were given a year to prepare for implementation.

"Based on pleas by shop owners ... that they were unable to comply with the deadline, the ministry's decision is postponed until all the required preparations are finalized," state news agency SPA quoted the Labor Ministry as saying.

While women in Saudi Arabia are forbidden from mixing with men outside their immediate family in public, they have little alternative to buying their most intimate items of clothing from men.

Many clerics and Islamists in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam which imposes a strict version of Sunni Islam, have opposed the idea as the start of reform process promoted by King Abdullah that they fear will liberalize the stringent system.

A Western diplomat said the move had irritated some of the most influential clerics in kingdom, where women are not allowed to drive and face employment restrictions because of the need to segregate sexes.

"The ministry may very well be honest in its argument (for the postponement). But the facts hint at a setback for the ministry future efforts in integrating Saudi women in the job life," the diplomat said.

Labor Minister Ghazi Algosaibi, who is despised by hardline Islamists as a liberal reformer, said plans to allow women to work in other sectors would go ahead, citing a group of government-backed clerics who have approved the reforms.

Tehran Announces Energy Free Transportation Solution

@ 12:53 AM (107 months, 18 hours ago)

Not satisfied with building a nuclear missile arsenal and having the world's last existing magic lamp genie, Iran today announces it has solved global warming, pollution, high energy costs and transportation issues.  Prices begin at 35K euros.

Iran Escalates Nuclear Threats to New Level

@ 12:45 AM (107 months, 18 hours ago)


Not satisfied with being a mere nuclear power and flexing it's missiles, Iran has announced it is bringing out the heavy artillery.



@ 01:57 AM (107 months, 1 day ago)

The Democratic Party, sensing electoral weakness in the war-ravaged Republican Party, began an intensive search for a platform that might lead to a rejuvenation of their own habitually unfocused and widely unattractive party.

Apparently, they have finally grown alert to the inadequate support provided by the random planking that has been delivered to them by various political strategists – usually, they now see, not deeply resonating and indubitably ethical ideas, but hardly more than sound bytes based on evanescent hot topics. Now, they long for an entire foursquare platform but, so far as is detectable, have yet to arrive at one.

Desperate to grasp the new grail, a leading member of the party found himself inspired to make a pilgrimage to the home of the legendary Democrat, FDR, in Hyde Park, New York, there the better to meditate toward a new vision.

While strolling the grounds, he happened to notice a bent and weathered gardener, who was intently spading in a flower patch and engaged him in a conversation, which turned to how long the aged son of the sun had been employed at the estate.

The gardener, affable in the suspect way many oldsters are, confided that he had been tending the tulips and other resplendent blooms for so many years he actually knew FDR. Then, having answered his interrogator, asked, “And, may I ask, what brings you here?”

The wandering wonderer confessed, “I came to find a Democratic platform.”

The wizened gardener suddenly grew much more animated, and effused, “I know where the platform is.”

“You do?” asked the surprised politico.

“Sure do,” the gardener confirmed.

“Mind showing it to me?” the somewhat skeptical Democratic replied.

“My pleasure.”

He led the curious visitor to the basement of the historic home. In a far reach of it, he pointed to a white canvas, which he reverently lifted away to reveal nothing other than a speaker’s platform.

The gardener, placing an affectionate hand on the still polished oak, averred, “I saw FDR himself speak from this platform.”

“Really?” the impressed Democrat replied. “Say, do you mind if I stand on it?”

“Go right ahead,” the gardener replied.

Then the congressman in quest of wisdom mounted the platform and consulted his inspiration. Suddenly, the elusive grail he had sought dropped from an unseen height in the ceiling-works of his mind right onto the floor of it with a startling bang. What the Democratic Party had to do was what FDR did. Build a platform made out of good, solid oak, instead of one made out of the usual Formica – something real and convincing, instead of a trifle easily perceived by any conning voter as a contrived and dismissible fake.

Now, enlivened by his inspiration and being a bit of a historian, he found his mind wandering back to The New Deal. He considered FDR’s oak-solid programs for rejuvenating the economy and rebuilding the middle class. Could, he wondered, the sentiments behind those now seemingly outmoded denotations be reinterpreted for today, even given our comparatively cynical and rapacious mindsets?

Then, like a pile of lumber cascading onto his contemplative brow, the new Democratic Platform came to him. We ought to build it, one plank at a time, he advised himself, with the issues that the generally strapped and somewhat befuddled middle-class American is actually concerned about. And, tempting as the prospect might be to many of our members, we shouldn’t, if we want to get elected, tack on any wood that’s bound to look out of place to a lot of Americans. We should just stick with the mighty oak.

Inspirited with his remarkable new vision, he thanked the gardener with a handshake so enthusiastic it cramped the fellow’s spaying prowess for a few minutes. Then he bolted out of the basement and bounded onto the first flight back to Washington.

While dreaming of electoral victories fluttering down on the party like confetti, he considered how he might convince the majority of his party of his vision. Given their welcome but often self-defeating diversity, was there any possibility of unity? Realizing he had a daunting deal of work ahead for himself, he let out the sort of sigh that is so unexpectedly audible it always startles the one who perpetrates it.

A passing stewardess happened to hear his exhalation, and asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I just wish my party was.”

“What party?” the stewardess asked. “Maybe I can help. I’m only a stewardess part-time.”

“Really?” he asked.

“Yes, my husband and I both have to work to make ends meet. And this job doesn’t pay enough. It’s not very secure, either. I’m sure you know, the airline is in bankruptcy.”

“I heard about that,” he admitted.

“Yes, it’s a shame,” she herself sighed, and then turned to bright-eyed affirmation. “So I started my own business.”

“What kind of business?” he inquired.

“Just what you need,” she advised him, putting her hand on his shoulder and smiling as engagingly as she could manage. “I’m a party planner.”

Taliban are Frauds

@ 01:47 AM (107 months, 1 day ago)

The men vacuum the caves and the women dress up and do the fighting.

Work Schedule for liberal Supreme Court Justices

@ 12:46 AM (107 months, 1 day ago)




This also applies to many INS employees and members of the Kent State University FacultyTake a look at what goes on when work SHOULD be occurring

Douglas Coupland IS a Meteorite Collector

@ 12:40 AM (107 months, 1 day ago)

There's a rumor going around the Internet that Douglas Coupland collects meteorites. Nobody knows how it began, least of all Coupland. But the story started to circulate shortly after his first novel, Generation X, became an On the Road for the '90s. Every effort he's made to set the record straight has been ignored by his many fan sites. So he recently decided to purchase a few choice specimens.

JamesonR. Douglas Cowan, Secretary, Board of Trustees
The last 3 meteorites are an America hating professor, his department head and the chairman of the board of trustees, all of Kent State University.  THIS is what they are permitting with YOUR tax dollars.

Word of the Day - virtu \vuhr-TOO; vir-\, noun: 1. love of or taste for fine objects of art. 2. Productions of art (especially fine antiques). 3. Artistic quality.

@ 12:32 AM (107 months, 1 day ago)

The challenge is to use this word in a sentence involving Patrick Kennedy.

The Italian humanist Giovanni Pontano described these objects as "statues, pictures, tapestries, divans, chairs of ivory, cloth interwoven with gems, many-coloured boxes and coffers in the Arabian style, crystal vases and other things of this kind . . . [whose] sight . . . is pleasing and brings prestige to the owner of the house." They all spoke to the wealth, taste and virtu of their owner.
-- John Brewer, The Pleasures of the Imagination

Divans, Persian rugs, easy chairs, books, statuary, articles of virtu and bric-a-brac are on every side, and the whole has the appearance of a place where one could dream his life away.
-- "Mark Twain's Summer Home", The New York Times, September 10, 1882

Virtu comes from Italian virtù "virtue, excellence," from Latin virtus, "excellence, worth, goodness, virtue."

Dictionary.com Entry and Pronunciation for virtu


Congress Compromises On New Immigration Bill - President Bush Promises Prompt Signing into Law

@ 02:13 PM (107 months, 2 days ago)


Immigration Laws 06
1. If you migrate to this country, you must speak the native language.
2. You have to be a professional or an investor. No unskilled workers allowed.
3. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools, no special ballots for elections, all government business will be conducted in our language.
4. Foreigners will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
5. Foreigners will NEVER be able to hold political office.
6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or other government assistance programs.
7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
8. If foreigners do come and want to buy land that will be okay, BUT options will be restricted. You are not allowed waterfront property. That is reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
9. Foreigners may not protest; no demonstrations, no waving a foreign flag, no political organizing, no bad-mouthing our president or his policies, if you do you will be sent home.
10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be hunted down and sent straight to jail.
Harsh, you say? The above laws happen to be the immigration laws of Mexico!

Ray Nagin Unveils Brilliant Flood Strategy for New Orleans

@ 02:39 AM (107 months, 2 days ago)


Lagging in the polls, chocolate Ray decided to solve the flooding problem once and for all.

When tracked down and interviewed Nagin stated, "That's what I'm talking about".

Day Without an Immigrant - American Style - Scheduled for June 1, 2006

@ 02:12 AM (107 months, 2 days ago)


June 1, 2006 - Day without an immigrant American Style
May 1st was the "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott by illegal
immigrants here in the United States. It was based on boycotting work,
thus showing how many menial jobs they provide cheap labor for. They
were boycotting our stores, thus showing how much money they
provide for the economy.  The National Retailers  announced that,  as a
result of the Mexican Demonstration and Boycott on 1 May 2006,  retail
sales were down by 4.2%  while there was  a 67. 8% reduction in shoplifting. 
Please boycott our hospitals, schools, jails,
and highways, too!

Let us see what our health care system would be like without an
overcrowded emergency room full of illegal immigrants using it as a
free clinic to treat non-emergent ailments. Let us see what it would
be like to have people who the hospital actually expects to pay for
treatment. I wonder if the costs for health insurance would drop.

Let us see what it would be like to reduce the size of our
classrooms. Let us see what it would be like to have to spend
taxpayer dollars to teach in English only. Let us see if our schools
test score averages increase.

Let us see what it would be like to not be victimized by an illegal
immigrant and then have to pay for the incarceration of that illegal
immigrant. The Los Angeles County Jail system would be alleviated of
thousands of inmates. Those incarcerated might actually do 100% of
their sentences rather than the 10% that they have been doing.

Let us see what our highways would be like. Let us see if traffic is
reduced without their presence. Let us see if the number of
unlicensed, uninsured, unqualified motorists drops and the number of 
hit and run, drunk driving and vehicle pursuits resulting in 
traffic collisions also drops proportionally. Maybe our car insurance
rates would see a decrease as a result.

The June 1st "Day Without an Immigrant - American Style" boycott should be
encouraged so the rest of the citizens can fully appreciate what
benefits and burdens illegal immigration creates.


Supreme Court will Put God Back in Public Life and Reverse Roe vs. Wade

@ 11:08 PM (107 months, 2 days ago)

Based on the current composition of the Supreme Court, the ridiculous separation of church and state decisions made by liberal legislating courts will be reversed, overturned and thrown out.  The original concept of church and state was simply no government imposed church (a result of The Church of England being the only government sanctioned church).  Period.  End of story.  That is the framers' simple intent.

Same with Roe v. Wade.  The concept is based on a ridiculously reasoned extension of the non existent right of privacy which was again created by liberal legislating courts.

Getting rid of the CRAP that liberal legislating courts created will happen.  The process will be even faster if those dopey buzzards, Ginsberg and Stevens bump off.  Do you know that Thurgood Marshall hung on only so a conservative would not be appointed in his place?  In his last years, Marshall spent his time watching soap operas while his clerks did his work that he could not be bothered to even review.  BTW nothing racist here.  The disservice Marshall did the court and the public is fact. 

Real justice and a Supreme Court doing its job will continue for decades and perhaps even longer if President Bush is given to opportunity to prudently replace Stevens and Ginsberg.  Do you think they are still there because they want to be?  Hell no.  Those incompetent dying geezers are hoping to hang on so that a liberal democrat will replace them.  If a liberal democrat would unfortunately win in 2008  Ginberg and Stevens will be dead or retired and replaced by dangerous legislating liberal judges instantly.

Being a Good Neighbor in Palestine

@ 09:12 PM (107 months, 2 days ago)

The poor neighbor was forced to mount this sign.  The neighbor is the unfortunate owner of THIS



Members of Screen Actor's Guild No Longer Eligible to Vote

@ 12:40 AM (107 months, 4 days ago)

Due to redistricting, my liberal actor friends will not be voting in United States elections.


France Suffers Latest Defeat....This Time to Apple Computers

@ 12:18 AM (107 months, 4 days ago)
The not so amazing part is that the French did it to themselves.   The French Senate bowed to intense lobbying pressure, approving a watered down digital copyright bill that differs significantly from the controversial version passed at the National Assembly last March.

The new bill is likely to give Apple Computers enough leeway to keep its proprieatry digital rights management (DRM) system used in iTunes and iPod. But consumer advocates and developers of open source software here have called the Senate action late Wednesday (May 10) "irresponsible" for "having thrown away most of the work done by the National Assembly."

Britney Spears Denies Rumors that David Letterman Got Her Pregnant This Time

@ 12:12 AM (107 months, 4 days ago)


LOS ANGELES -- Britney Spears, in perhaps the most anticlimactic revelation of the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, confirmed to David Letterman that she is indeed pregnant with her second child.

The pop star spilled the Louisiana beans and rice Tuesday afternoon (May 9) when she popped in and shared the happy news on-air at the taping of "The Late Show."

"Don't worry, Dave. It's not yours," said Spears, smiling at her own wit.

John McCain Widening Lead over Hillary Clinton in 2008 Presidential Race

@ 12:01 AM (107 months, 4 days ago)

Here are some astounding numbers that have not been publicized by the mainstream media.  I smell conspiracy.

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll conducted by the polling organizations of Peter Hart (D) and Bill McInturff (R). April 21-24, 2006. N=1,005 adults nationwide.


"Thinking ahead to 2008: If the next election for president were held today, and John McCain were the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton were the Democratic candidate, for whom would you vote?" Asked of registered voters.


McCain (R)
Clinton (D)
Other (vol.)
% % % % %













Does Hillary Clinton have a United States Navy ship named after her?  HELL NO


USS John S. McCain DDG 56


Devastated by Her Self Destruction Cynthia McKinney has been Dieting

@ 11:35 PM (107 months, 4 days ago)

Ice cream, potato chip, cookies, cake, mashed potato and cornbread diet, that is.


Hacker Gary McKinnon Fears Wrath of US Court as Judge Urges His Extradition

@ 11:59 PM (107 months, 5 days ago)
A BRITISH man accused of the biggest military hacking operation yet faces trial in the US after a judge recommended him for extradition yesterday.

Gary McKinnon believes that he could be sent to Guantanamo Bay and tried by a military tribunal if his extradition goes ahead. He said that he was “practically already hung and quartered” if US government claims that he would face a federal court in Virginia proved correct.

Poor baby.  He would look great in a Gitmo pyramid leashed and collared.  Not a problem.


History Repeats Itself - Red Sea Parts Again

@ 11:41 PM (107 months, 5 days ago)

Bible skeptics have long held the view that many of the miracles described in the Bible are not based on fact but are allegorical in nature.

Until now:

The Red Sea parted without warning eliminating thousands of camel jockeys.

Ebay Announces that Prayer Rugs are the Hot Buy This Month

@ 11:35 PM (107 months, 5 days ago)

Here are some fine examples: 


Detailed information may be found HERE.

Ebay is reporting an interesting phenomena.  Rather them classifying them as prayer rugs, they have been classified as door mats and the buyer reviews are excellent.  In terms of purchases per person, Denmark is ranked number one.

Attention University and College Administrators and Department Heads

@ 11:24 PM (107 months, 5 days ago)

Be careful who you consider hiring.  If you think Ward Churchill was a problem for his University, you should investigate this:


Just In....Surprise Earthquake Levels Most of Mexico

@ 01:38 AM (107 months, 6 days ago)

A freak earthquake with the strength of 9.1 on the Richter scale has hit Mexico.  Due to the vast devastation the news took a long time to get to get the news to the rest of the worldTwo million Mexicans have died and over a million are injured. The country is totally ruined and the government doesn't know where to start
asking for help to rebuild.

Pakistani rescue workers gather at the site of a building damaged by an earthquake in the capital Islamabad October 8, 2005. A major earthquake shook cities and villages across the south Asian subcontinent on Saturday, ' wiping out' several villages in Pakistan and causing scores of casualties. (Photo Credit: Reuters/Mian Khurshee, Courtesy of Alertnet.org)

The world is in shock.

Canada is sending troopers to help the Mexican army control the riots.  Saudi Arabia is sending oil. Other Latin American countries are sending supplies.  The European community (except France) is sending food and money.

The United States, not to be outdone, is sending two million replacement Mexicans.

Rhode Island democrats re Nominate Patrick "Rehab Regular" Kennedy

@ 12:31 AM (107 months, 6 days ago)



It looks like a blue state thinks that means having a blue drink or eating a blue snack.  Rhode Island auto body shop owners rejoice.

Democrats endorsed an absent Rep. Patrick Kennedy, being treated for addiction to prescription pain drugs, for re-election Monday night at their state convention.

Kennedy checked into the Mayo Clinic on Friday for his second stay in less than five months after a middle-of-the-night car crash near the Capitol on Thursday that he said he couldn't remember. It was his second car crash in three weeks.

Gaza Strip Update....Fatah and Hamas Begin Canibal Endgame

@ 12:18 AM (107 months, 6 days ago)

With any luck the United Nations won't screw up a good plan that is working.

As aid runs dry, the guns and pent-up frustrations of factions for and against Hamas have taken to the streets of Gaza.  Gun battles erupted on the streets of Gaza today - hours after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged the West to end the aid freeze to avert instability in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Whilst the quartet of Middle East brokers- the UN, EU America and Russia met in New York to discuss the funding crisis which is strangling the Palestinian areas, Hamas gunmen attacked the funeral of two Fatah supporters killed in clashes yesterday.

Aid from the EU and United States has been cut off from the Hamas-led government since they won elections earlier this year, but a World Bank report has said that the economic crisis facing the Palestinian people is far worse than predicted when funding was withdrawn.

Carnack the Magnificent on muslim terrorists and Their liberal Sympathizers

@ 12:11 AM (107 months, 6 days ago)


Name a RAT, a HAT and BAT


Terrorist Sympathizer Teaching Students at Kent State University - Is terrorist sympathizer julio pino the Spokesperson for the Administration? - CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, UPI, Reuters, Tim Russert and Katie Couric May be Investigating

@ 11:52 PM (107 months, 7 days ago)


Do you support muslim terrorist sympathizer professors 'teaching" at American Universities?  READ ON


Please read the following posts and then consider whether or not your tax dollars should subsidize speech such as this.

Have you forgotten?

Who is Lover of Angels?

Is this guy a towel head or what?

The sign this PETITION if you agree please.  Thank you.

Surprise Surprise Weasel Moussaoui Requests To Withdraw Guilty Plea After Escaping Death

@ 11:50 PM (107 months, 7 days ago)


Zacarias Moussaoui, the al-Qaeda plotter who narrowly avoided the death penalty, now wants to withdraw his guilty plea.

According to his lawyers, "Moussaoui wishes to withdraw his guilty plea because when he entered the plea his 'understanding of the American legal system was completely flawed.'"

Moussaoui now says, "I now see that it is possible that I can receive a fair trial."  Sounds like he definitely deserves a RETRIAL.

Why Aren't My liberal Friends Complaining About South Africa's Jacob Zuma Rape Charges

@ 11:45 PM (107 months, 7 days ago)

Judge finds him not guilty but criticises behaviour....doh!

South Africa's ruling African National Congress was thrown into chaos last night after its former deputy president Jacob Zuma was acquitted of rape charges and announced he would resume his political career, posing a challenge to the president, Thabo Mbeki.

Greeted by deafening cheers as he left court a free man, Mr Zuma made it known that he intended to resume his duties as deputy president of the ANC despite being suspended from the post last year.

Iran's president: No women at World Cup soccer matches - more seats and beer for towelhead men

@ 11:40 PM (107 months, 7 days ago)


TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's women will be barred from attending soccer games, a reversal by the president that comes a month before the national team plays in the World Cup.


I have it on good authority that if Hillary is elected, men will be barred from Washington Nationals baseball games.  What will they ever do instead?

Terrorist Sympathizer Teaching Students at Kent State University - Is terrorist sympathizer julio pino the Spokesperson for the Administration? - CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, UPI, Reuters, BBC and Katie Couric May be Investigating

@ 10:33 PM (107 months, 7 days ago)


Please read the following posts and then consider whether or not your tax dollars should subsidize speech such as this.

Have you forgotten?

Who is Lover of Angels?

Is this guy a towel head or what?

The sign this PETITION if you agree please.  Thank you.

Do you support muslim terrorist sympathizer professors 'teaching" at American Universities?  READ ON


Perhaps terrorist sympathizer julio pino is the de facto Spokesperson for the Kent State University Administration

@ 01:32 AM (107 months, 8 days ago)

Despite being notified of pino's anti American indoctrination of students and pino's clandestine internet encouragement and support of muslim terrorist activities, the KSU administration continues to protect pino.  Does pino speak with the support of KSU officials?  What is the real story behind the story?  The public needs to get this story OUT.

Do you support muslim terrorist sympathizer professors 'teaching" at American Universities?   If not,  READ ON and sign the Petition to kick pino out on his anti American butt.


Americans can no longer stand idly by.

A Tribute to Johnny Carson and Carnack the Magnificent

@ 01:21 AM (107 months, 8 days ago)



Name a DITCH, a WITCH and a BITCH


Ozone Al Gore Now Competing with Steven Spielberg - Promoting "An Inconvenient Truth'

@ 02:03 PM (107 months, 9 days ago)

The only inconvenient truth I know is the Al Gore and his ilk are still covered by the media.  The dope hasn't even been hired to do an American Express commercial.  What does that tell you?

Contrary to rumor, Al Gore does know what a laughing stock he is. 

Here to stump for his new documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," which outlines the threat of global warming, the former vice president was quick with the quips:

"Lawrence Bender, who made all of Quentin Tarantino's movies, produced this documentary, and the production schedule was so grueling, I told him he ought to call this one 'Kill Al, Vol. 1.'"

"An Inconvenient Truth," scheduled to open here June 2, grew out of Gore's "traveling global warming show" -- a multimedia call to arms.

"This is the ultimate action movie," Gore said Thursday. "I hope it will move the audience to action, and the action taken by the American people when they see it . . . will change the way our government works."

Despite what political pundits might claim, Gore insists he's not using "An Inconvenient Truth" as a springboard to another presidential run. "I have no intention of being a candidate. Anyone who checks the political traps in any of the 50 states will find there's no evidence of a renewed campaign."

He also waves away "Ozone Al" depictions, such as the recent "ManBearPig" episode of "South Park" that satirized his environmental concerns. "Those guys are nuts," Gore said. "Their comic sensibility is aimed at a different demographic than the one I inhabit, but I still find a lot of what they do hilarious."

Cartman and Kyle aside, Gore embraces his mission. "Yes, I'm on a campaign, but it's a different kind of a campaign -- a campaign to change the country's mind. Global warming is a moral, not a political issue."

Baffling...How can Iran Withdraw From a Treaty Iran has Broken ... or Who Cares About the Treaty?

@ 01:56 PM (107 months, 9 days ago)


I guess I just don't understand the logic of my friends from the middle east.

Iran's parliament threatened the nation's withdrawal from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty if the United Nations pressures Tehran to suspend uranium enrichment. 

The UN security council, meanwhile, remains at odds on a resolution over Iran's nuclear program.

In a letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Iranian lawmakers said they would force the government to withdraw from the treaty if "the U.N. Secretary General and other members of the Security Council fail in their crucial responsibility to resolve differences peacefully."


Why would a threat like this make any possible sense?

Just In...a Real Shocker...Booze Involved in Patrick Kennedy Liefest

@ 02:21 AM (107 months, 9 days ago)

It is beginning to appear that the propaganda spread following the Patrick Kennedy fiasco was based on lies.

May 5, 2006 — The president of the Washington chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police has told ABC News that an officer smelled alcohol on the breath of Rep. Patrick Kennedy after he crashed into a barricade early Thursday morning.

As the story gets legs, it sounds like the Kennedy's we are familiar with.

Mayo Clinic Denies Admission to Patrick Kennedy

@ 01:32 AM (107 months, 9 days ago)

Mayo Clinic spokesperson Maria Shriver spoke on the record.  "We will not help Patrick unless he brings Ted with him."

Some democrats Will Try Anyting to Get Elected - Maria Cantwell Plays the Gas Card

@ 01:28 AM (107 months, 9 days ago)

Where was she when gas prices rocketed past $2 per gallon?  Oh right...she wasn't running for office. 

Maria Cantwell, a Washington Democrat up for re-election this fall, said the tax breaks for oil companies should be changed to offer incentives for vehicles that can run on ethanol and for more energy efficient goods.

"It's time to end the huge tax breaks for big oil, and replace them with new incentives for lightweight, efficient materials and for cars that can run on either ethanol or gasoline," she said in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

Philadelphia Phillies Stymie Barry Bonds Two Nights in a Row

@ 01:17 AM (107 months, 9 days ago)

Eagerly awaiting a chance to watch history as Barry Bonds is poised to pass Babe Ruth, I was at Citizens Bank park last night and watched tonight's game on TV.  Unfortunately no homers by Bonds, but the Phillies have now won seven straight games.  Maybe tomorrow night the stars will align and the Phillies will win again and Bonds will hit three homers.

All drug issues aside, the guy always has been a sure Hall of Famer.  So what if he was juiced.  The records of that period of time are filled with statistical anomalies.  A non emphasized fact is that if Bonds was juiced so where the pitchers against whom a lot of his homers flew out of parks nationwide.  Plenty of nontalented players were also juiced without postive result.

Of course he has been surly and doesn't like the press.  Is that a bad thing?  Bonds is like most Americans, sick of main stream media.  Bonds did something about it.  He is part of a regular broadcast known as "Bonds on Bonds".  No dealing with the negative spin of the mainstream media.  Good for Bonds!

CNN, NBC, ABC, AP, UPI, Reuters, BBC and Other Major News Outlets Are Just Beginning to Find Out About julio pino - terrorist sympathizer

@ 01:07 AM (107 months, 9 days ago)

Do you support muslim terrorist sympathizer professors 'teaching" at American Universities?  READ ON



Patrick Kennedy Hitting Mayo Clinic Rehab is Another Bump in the Kennedy Path of Destruction and Boorish Behavior

@ 01:00 PM (107 months, 10 days ago)


Joseph Kennedy was not exactly a warm and fuzzy guy.  The family fortune was orginally made by Joe by illegally selling liquor during prohibition.  Joe was a Nazi sympathizer.  While he was the family patriach, Joe Jr., JFK and RFK become men who did amazing things and were men of courage regardless of one's political views.  Sure things have come out about them in later years that have been less than flattering.  The common thing among them was pride in America and acting for the public good.

Teddy has been the family patriarch for a long time.  Under his watch, the family has unraveled.  Meanwhile Ted boozes merrily away and somehow manages to squeeze himself into a chair at the Senate now and again.  If Ted had entered rehab following the Kophecnie murder, he had a chance for once in his booze clouded life to act life a man and set a responsible example for his family.  Did he?  No.  Since that time he has taught the extended Kennedy family how to manipulate the system and watch the family image collapse.

Today Ted has been another chance.  An honest Ted Kennedy would join Patrick Kennedy in Rehab and show the extended Kennedy family how to be a real man, not a public disgrace and a poor example to his family.

Joseph P. Kennedy, the family patriarch, suffered a disabling stroke in 1961.

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., his oldest son, died when his bomber exploded over the English Channel in 1944.

John F. Kennedy, Joseph Jr.'s younger brother and the nation's 35th president, was assassinated in 1963.

Robert F. Kennedy, the third brother, was assassinated while running for president in 1968.

Rosemary Kennedy, a sister, was institutionalized because of mental retardation and a failed lobotomy from the 1940s until she died last year.

Edward M. Kennedy, the fourth brother, drove off a bridge in Chappaquiddick, Mass., in 1969, and his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned. He did not report the incident for several hours. The incident ended his presidential aspirations.

Kathleen Agnes Kennedy, a sister, died in a plane crash in 1948.

John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline had a stillborn daughter in 1956. A second son died shortly after his birth in 1963.

Joan Kennedy, former wife of Edward Kennedy, has been arrested several times for drunken driving.

David Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, died of a drug overdose in 1984.

Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, died in a skiing accident in 1997, the same year he was accused of having an affair with a teenage baby-sitter.

Patricia Kennedy Lawford, third daughter of Joseph P. Kennedy, pleaded guilty to driving while impaired after a 1989 accident on Long Island.

Christopher Kennedy Lawford, her son, wrote a memoir about his battle against drugs and alcohol.

Robert Kennedy Jr. pleaded guilty to heroin possession in 1983 and was sentenced to probation.

William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of Edward Kennedy, was charged with rape in 1991 in Palm Beach, Fla., and acquitted. Thirteen years later, a woman sued him, accusing him of rape. The suit was dismissed.

Edward Kennedy Jr. had his right leg amputated in 1973 because of cancer. In 1991, he acknowledged being treated for alcohol abuse.

John F. Kennedy Jr. died along with his wife and her sister when a plane he was piloting crashed off Martha's Vineyard in 1999.

A clearly shaken Rep. Patrick Kennedy announced yesterday he was entering rehab for addiction.  Patrick is a shining example for taking personal responsiblility and doing the right thing.  Could this mark a change in Kennedy attitude and an end to the atrocious stewardship of Ted Kennedy?  Better yet, it is my prayer that Ted joins Patrick in rehab and begins recovery which include the end of his public life and a permanent silent retreat to the Kennedy compound.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.




Investigation Circling Around Kent State University's julio pino Like a Flock of Buzzards

@ 01:20 AM (107 months, 11 days ago)

Do you believe is muslim terrorist professors teaching at American Universities?  READ ON


When questioned a real buzzard expressed concern re:  food poisoning.  "I would rather eat a road kill skunk."

Patrick Kennedy Carries on the Family Tradition - Receives Booze Basket from Daddy Ted Kennedy

@ 01:18 AM (107 months, 11 days ago)

Passing on family values in an American tradition.  Unfortunately Teddy did not pass along his cover up skills with his renowned boozing while driving skills.  Patrick did attempt to display to famous Kennedy lying skills.

This time anyway a Kennedy did not kill anybody.

US politician Patrick Kennedy crashed his car near the US Capitol early today, and a police official said he appeared intoxicated.

Kennedy said he had had no alcohol before the accident.

Kennedy, a Democrat from Rhode Island, is the son of Senator Edward Kennedy.   Well...duh

He issued a statement about the accident after a spate of news reports.

"I was involved in a traffic accident last night at First and C Street SE near the US Capitol," Kennedy said in the statement released by his office.

"I consumed no alcohol prior to the incident. I will fully cooperate with the Capitol Police in whatever investigation they choose to undertake."

Kennedy appeared to have been intoxicated when he crashed his car into a concrete barrier on Capitol Hill, said Louis Cannon, president of the Washington chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Hmmmm....will Teddy be able to weasle him out of this one not to mention the perjury charge?

Gee is that BOOZE in his hand?

In the meantime, Teddy is personally investigating the situation:


Selling America's Soul to Mexico for Nothing

@ 01:43 PM (107 months, 12 days ago)

What is presently occurring is a United States invasion of Mexico with all of the costs and none of the benefits.  Every year, the United States and Mexico become more and more like one country.  Call is Mostofnorthamerica for example.  However all of the natural resource such as oil and minerals remain in Mexico.

Suppose on the other hand, the United States simply occupied Mexico.  In addition to providing Mexico's citizens with the benefits from the United States Treasury they now receive, they would then pay taxes and be subject to United States law.  The infrastructure that exists in Mexico would then be available to support the United States Economy not the Mexican economy.  The natural resources of Mexico would be tapped into by the United States.

The fiasco of the Alamo would be forever revenged.  Instead of a variety of headgear, everyone could wear the practical sombrero.

Terrorist Sympathizer julio pino Indoctrinates College Students at Kent State University

@ 01:35 PM (107 months, 12 days ago)

Do you believe is muslim terrorist professors teaching at American Universities?  READ ON



Source of Kent State University muslim terrorist Hate America Posts Unearthed

@ 01:23 AM (107 months, 13 days ago)

Navy seals uncovered the real identity of America hater pino...no wonder he was so hard to find....it is questionable whether pino is a he a she or an it.


You Have a Chance to Unmask a muslim terrorist sympathizer Attempting to Harm Our Students

@ 11:39 PM (107 months, 13 days ago)
Right in middle America, Kent State University in Ohio, a so called professor is poisoning young minds against America with the blessing of the University funded with tax dollars.  You have the right and duty to stop this.  Go here and act now:  http://www.petitiononline.com/drpino/petition.html

Limbaugh Confounds Critics Yet Again

@ 11:35 PM (107 months, 13 days ago)


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. May 1, 2006 (AP)— Rush Limbaugh must submit to random drug tests under an agreement filed Monday that will dismiss a prescription fraud charge against the conservative commentator after 18 months if he complies with the terms.

He also must continue treatment for his acknowledged addiction to painkillers and he cannot own a gun.

The agreement did not call for Limbaugh to admit guilt to the charge that he sought a prescription from a physician in 2003 without revealing that he had received medications from another practitioner within 30 days. He pleaded not guilty Friday.

Desperate Cynthia McKinney Unveils Unique Campaign Strategy

@ 11:22 PM (107 months, 13 days ago)

Realizing that anyone with an iota of common sense is distancing her or himself from crazy eyes, McKinney brilliantly tries reverse psychology.

Katie Gearing Up for Big Tom Cruise Wedding - Stunning Voyeur Photos

@ 11:18 PM (107 months, 13 days ago)

Thought it was going to be Katie Holmes, right?

Katie Couric


Nope, Couric is quoted as saying, "The bitch doesn't have a chance staying on the alter with me, Tommy boy is mine."

Jackie Gleason - A Smart Man - Singlehanded terrorist muslim Butt Kicking Machine

@ 11:13 PM (107 months, 13 days ago)

Answer:  Bang Zoom to the Moon Alice

Question:  What does a good muslim woman say to her towel head terrorist husband?

Forget the Jetsons, the terrorist muslim America Haters Have No Spaceships in Mind

@ 01:22 AM (107 months, 14 days ago)

Remember the innocent days of watching the Jetsons and looking forward to buzzing around in your own personal spacecraft?  I do.  Disappointing as it is, a SUV is fine.  What won't be fine is what the stinking towel heads are trying to make us drive.  Examine the look of horror in this towel head's face as he looks in the rearview mirror.

Kent State University Supplies America Hater pro terrorist with JOB and INTERNET ACCESS at YOUR Expense

@ 01:15 AM (107 months, 14 days ago)

Take a look at what is going on and decide whether Pino is something you support or take a stand and get him kicked out.

"Associate Professor Julio Pino of Latin American History at Kent State University Outspoken apologist for Palestinian terrorism Indoctrinates students in his pro-Castro and pro-Sandinista politics" (quote from Kent State Student) 

 The Professor writes a pro terrorist anti American blog on a KENT STATE UNIVERSITY computer and accesses the internet through the KENT STATE NETWORK  www.global-war.bloghi.com to his first morning class with a prime example for "his show and tell" session to his students.

If you think he should have to pay for his own soapbox, then please sign this petition protesting Dr. Pino's employment is here.


Kenneth Galbraith - a Fraudent Legend in His Own Mind Finally Dies

@ 12:36 AM (107 months, 15 days ago)

Doesn't it figure that this blowhard holier than thou liberal was not even an American?  The bozo was Canadien, not unlike another dead liberal fraud Peter Jennings.

The only reputation Galbraith made for himself during his way too long 97 years was as a Kennedy butt kisser.


President Bush Once Again Shows America What a REAL MAN is at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

@ 12:21 AM (107 months, 15 days ago)


GEORGE Bush hinted at a future career as a stand-up comic after a bravura performance alongside an impersonator saw the United States' top political journalists collapse into fits of laughter.

The US president lampooned himself for his infamous gaffes in public speaking and laughed as his diplomatic lapses and fondness for an early night were sent up by the comedian Steve Bridges.

Mr Bush took to the stage at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Association dinner alongside Bridges, who was made up to appear the spitting image of the president.

"Let's get things going," said Bridges/Bush, "or I'll never get to bed." The real Mr Bush then spoke of spreading his agenda "globally and around the world, as well as internationally".

Bridges, who appears as Mr Bush in satirical television programmes, then pretended to be the president practising for a major public statement, possibly about the Iranian nuclear crisis.

"All right. Maintain. Be cool. Let's give this a try," said Bridges/ Bush. "We must enhance non-compliance protocols sanctioned not only at IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] formal sessions, but through intercessional contact."

The president then sent the assembled correspondents into fits of laughter as he repeated: "We must enhance non-compliance protocols sanctioned not only at E-I-E-I-O sessions, but through intersexual conduct."

Bridges/Bush jokingly criticised the press for not tidying up some of his less eloquent comments: "The media really ticks me off - the way they try to embarrass me by not editing what I say. "

Bridges/Bush then added, as the president grinned: "Some of my critics in the international community call me arrogant. I will not even honour that with a response. Screw them!"

Bridges/Bush also picked on the vice-president, Dick Cheney, who accidentally shot an elderly lawyer friend while hunting."Where is the great white hunter?" the "president" asked. "He shot the only trial lawyer in the country who supports me."

This article: http://news.scotsman.com/international.cfm?id=648542006

Terrorist Sympathizer Still Teaching Our Students at Kent State Univeristy

@ 12:05 AM (107 months, 15 days ago)

Please read the following posts and then consider whether or not your tax dollars should subsidize speech such as this.

Have you forgotten?

Who is Lover of Angels?

Is this guy a towel head or what?

liberal democrats Issue New Income Tax Incentive

@ 12:01 AM (107 months, 15 days ago)