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William F. Buckley, Jr.


Duncan Hunter? Who the Hell is Duncan Hunter?

@ 10:58 PM (100 months, 9 days ago)


Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, said Monday he will run for president in 2008.  Hunter has real Conservative credentials.  He is a bemedaled Vietnam vet.  Can you imagine Tom Tancredo for the VP slot?

"This is going to be a long road, it's a challenging road, there's going to be some rough and tumble, but I think it's the right thing to do for our country," Hunter, who has represented the 52nd Congressional District in San Diego County for 26 years, said at a waterfront press conference.

That's right, I'm the only true Reagan Conservative running


The declaration allows the California congressman to begin raising moneyand organize supporters in early Republican primary states such as Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Hunter's bid surprised some Republican leaders in Washington. He had not been discussed as one of the many candidates considering a presidential bid, including Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.  Not a true Conservative among that bunch.

Hunter could see an opening for a conservative candidate with strong defense credentials.  Hunter, 58, became chairman of the House Armed Services Committee in 2003.  The Vietnam War veteran, a recipient of a Bronze Star, has made his mark in Congress by advocating for a strong military and border security. He played a leading role in the construction of a 14-mile double fence on the U.S.-Mexico border that is nearing completion in San Diego. He co-authored legislation signed by President Bush last week that would extend the border fence to 700 miles.

Hunter voted against the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Central American Free Trade Agreement and opposed most-favored-nation status for China.

Hunter has cruised to re-election since he, as a 32-year-old criminal defense attorney, rode Ronald Reagan's coattails to unseat a nine-term Democratic incumbent. The Riverside native faces token opposition next week in his bid for another term representing San Diego's eastern suburbs.



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Funeral Planning for Pets

@ 10:31 PM (100 months, 10 days ago)




The nosy neighbor DID ask




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Castro: See, I Am Not Dead...Yet

@ 01:14 AM (100 months, 11 days ago)



Hello pudding breath....that is a COFFIN you are in you jackass


A clearly ailing Fidel Castro appeared on Cuban state television for the first time in more than a month Saturday, looking thin and tired but walking around and ridiculing recent rumors of his death.  "I am as healthy as my 1954 Ford Fairlane and there are more spare parts available for me."

The 80-year-old Cuban leader had not been seen since mid-September when photographs of him  were released. He was shown walking slowly.  "They've declared me moribund prematurely," he said, holding a copy of Saturday's edition of Granma, the Communist Party daily newspaper.

He said, "I'm not the least bit afraid of what will occur."  I guess he is clueless when it comes to HELL.  He called rumors of his death ridiculous and insulting, claiming they were the work of his enemies.  "Let's see what they say now," he said.  Instead of a dead jackass apparently Castro is a clinging to life soon to be dead jackass.  Big deal.



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Gazprom, Russian Gas Monopoly, Holds Europe Hostage

@ 09:31 PM (100 months, 12 days ago)


Has anyone even heard of Gazprom?

Europe's gas market needs alternatives to Russian monopoly Gazprom but potential suppliers are under a lot of pressure to keep out.  Gazprom has mafia like hit squads terrorizing every oil producer considering European expansion 

Gazprom, Russia's gas export monopoly, currently supplies a quarter of Europe's gas needs and its market share is expected to grow in the coming decades.


No way I'm paying those jackasses.

I'm touring Europe energy free in carpeted comfort

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Changing a Flat Tire with No Jack

@ 09:06 PM (100 months, 12 days ago)


Last week I had a flat and pulled over to change it.  When I opened my trunk, the jack with missing, much to my chagrin.  While I was standing next to the car totally baffled about my next move a friendly motorist pulled over and offered to help. 


Her trunk didn't have a jack either but she handled the situation like a pro


Needless to say I got the tire changed quite easily and was very careful not to soil her wedding dress.  It was hard to believe that this face was under my car.  I never heard how the husband made out.



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Limbaugh Catches Michael J. Shake and Fake Fox in the Act

@ 11:32 PM (100 months, 13 days ago)


Interestingly, Fox has not even hinted at denying the truth spoken by Rush Limbaugh.  Say what you want about Limbaugh, in this case he was right on the money.  Fox's cheap stunts may have fooled the American people for a couple of days, but Americans are beginning to realize that the sitcom star of their childhood or reruns is nothing but a big fat liar in a teeny weeny body.  Fox's lack of a denial is an admission of the fraud he tried to perpetrate.  Fox has previously admitted to jacking up his shakes to impress Congress when he testified there.  The shrimp has a history of deceit and this is the latest disgraceful installment.  Typical demlib behavior.

Fox the jackass should stick with his own kind and stop lying to honest Americans


Personally, I've watched reruns of the Back to the Future films for the last time.  When Fox appears as a guest in Boston Legal I am going to fast forward my Tivo and skip the jackass.  Fox has joined the Hollywood political lying demlibs who know nothing in reality but nonetheless are convinced they know more than the rest of us and believe it is their duty to "help" to rest of us.  How they could help me is climbing to the top of a giant sequioa and jumping.

Take off the ropes and helmet and "fly" jackass


"They say all politics is local, but it's not always the case," Fox says in the ad, his shoulders jerking and his body swaying uncontrollably. "What you do matters to millions of Americans, Americans like me."  Is he saying their are millions of liars like him among Americans?  I don't think he is giving himself enough credit. 

After the ads began airing, nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh said Fox was allowing his illness to be exploited and accused him of acting in the ad or not taking his medication in order to shake so much.

"All I'm saying is I've never seen him the way he appears in this commercial for Claire McCaskill," Limbaugh said on his syndicated radio show. "I will apologize to Michael J. Fox, if I am wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial as an act."

The Parkinson's Action Network, said Fox was so astounded by the criticism leveled by Limbaugh that his first reaction was to ask, "He said what?"  Notice Fox's reaction was never to admit he was caught red handed or to even try to deny his lying.



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Streisand: Bush Reminds Me of Nazi's Goering and Hitler - Who Gives a F What That Bitch Thinks?

@ 11:27 PM (100 months, 14 days ago)


Hollywood's bigmouth demlib diva, Barbra Streisand, is blasting President Bush for "controlling" the nation by ginning up fears of another terrorist attack, saying the president's tactics remind her of Nazi Luftwaffe Commander Hermann Goering.  Yeah right, like she studied history and read books about it.  LIAR.

OK, it's obvious, but certainly absolutely accurate

In a statement posted to her Web site headlined "A Country Controlled by Fear," Streisand complains:

"Bush's actions remind me of Herman Goering's quote during the Nuremberg Trials, where he stated: '...it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.'"

Streisand continued to quote the Nazi Reichsmarschall, contending that his words provided an insight into Bush's thinking:

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders," said Goering, according to the disgruntled songstress. "All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism. ..."

The demlib diva said that Goering's tactics, as adapted by Bush, have been extremely effective, arguing that the American people have been "unable to recognize they are being manipulated when they are paralyzed by fear because their government is constantly reminding them of an impending terrorist attack."   The jackassette is crying over spilled milk because the vast majority of Americans know she is full of crap and has no intellectual authority to make any pronouncements about anything.  Prozac her up and put her in a home now and spare the public her insipid nonsense.

She griped that Bush's propaganda blitzkrieg managed to obscure his terrible performance in office.  In reality, Babs is clueless about the President's performance.  Have you heard of the economy BIG NOSE?

Of course she is dishonest that her demlib and jewish bias play any part in her irresponsible comments.  If the demlibs had any moral integrity they would immediately distance themselves from her for these comments.  Did they?  Hell no.  No moral integrity.  If they gain anything from what was clearly WRONG and immoral they will take it.  These are just some of the reasons there have been democratic presidents for only 12 of the last 40 years.  The American public KNOWS they are jackasses and acts accordingly.


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.




Nirvana's Cobain Passes Elvis as Forbes Top Dollar Earning Dead Celebrity

@ 09:48 PM (100 months, 15 days ago)


Rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley ceded his crown to Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain on Forbes.com's list as the top-earning dead celebrity.

The list, published Tuesday, said grunge rocker Cobain earned $50 million between October 2005 and October 2006. Presley wound up in the No. 2 slot with $42 million, down from last year's $45 million.  Ranked after Presley is Peanuts cartoon strip creator Charles Schulz at $35 million.

Meanwhile, this barely alive "celebrity can't make $10,000 per year.....I personally can't understand it


Forbes.com bases its dollar amounts on licensing deals for using the deceased celebrities' work or image in advertising or elsewhere.  Could Gore be worth more dead than alive?  Is Gore the real behind the scenes producer of "loose change"?



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.


Humans Living Far Beyond Planet's Means - Especially Arabs According to WWF

@ 09:39 PM (100 months, 15 days ago)


Humans are stripping nature at an unprecedented rate and will need two planets' worth of natural resources every year by 2050 on current trends, the WWF conservation group said on Tuesday.  Who the hell is this WWF?  I thought the WWF is the Worldwide Wrestling Federation, not a bunch of Gore like tree thumpers.

"Does Vince McMahon know that some stinking demlibs are taking our good name in vain?"


"On current projections humanity, will be using two planets' worth of natural resources by 2050 -- if those resources have not run out by then," the latest report said.

"For more than 20 years we have exceeded the earth's ability to support a consumptive lifestyle that is unsustainable and we cannot afford to continue down this path," WWF Director-General James Leape said, launching the WWF's 2006 Living Planet Report.

People in the United Arab Emirates were placing most stress per capita on the planet ahead of those in the United States, Finland and Canada, the report said.  Doesn't it figure that those selfish arab towel heads would be the leading over users.

"Are you with me?  Let's get our resources back from those Arabs now!"


Promoting excessive use of resources daily



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



English is NOT America's Official Language According to These 38 Senators - Election Day is Coming....Traitors!!

@ 08:24 PM (100 months, 16 days ago)


38 SENATORS VOTED AGAINST MAKING ENGLISH THE OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF AMERICA.  What do they all have in common?  Gee....Can you say demlib?

Akaka (D-HI)
Bayh (D-IN)
Biden (D-DE)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Boxer (D-CA)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Clinton (D-NY)
Dayton (D-MN)
Dodd (D-CT)
Domenici (R-NM)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feingold (D-WI)
Feinstein (D-CA)

Harkin (D-IA)
Inouye (D-HI)
Jeffords (I-VT)
Kennedy (D-MA)
Kerry (D-MA)
Kohl (D-WI)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (D-CT)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Obama (D-IL)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Sarbanes (D-MD)
Schumer (D-NY)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Wyden (D-OR)

REMEMBER THIS THE DAY YOU VOTE.  None of the above deserves elected office in the United States.



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Lil' Kim Gains Self-Respect by Announcing She is a Conservative Republican - Dennis Rodman to Follow

@ 08:47 PM (100 months, 17 days ago)


Can you believe it?  A Hollywood type has some common sense.  The rest of the herd will be right behind her.  Dennis Rodman next.

Although I've never been an admirer of Lil' Kim, I haven't found her particularly annoying either. True, she's not someone I'd want my daughter to emulate, but beyond that she's never provoked me in the way that other seemingly irresponsible public figures manage to do.  You have to hand it to her, calling Hillary a "lyin ho" is about as accurate as one can get. 

"Turn me loose in those red states"

So it was that I watched Lil' Kim's public re-entry with more than my usual interest. Her emergence from federal prison, where she had served nearly a year for lying to a grand jury, seemed an opportunity to engage in some serious image overhauling and maybe even win a little public sympathy as well. If ever there was a time to show the world that she was more than a hip-hop centerfold who rhymed on the side, this was it.  She did a way better job than Martha Stewart did plus I mean really who would YOU rather see wrestling in pudding?

An interview with The New York Times provided the perfect chance, and Lil' Kim handled it like a pro. She'd been reading in prison, she said. Her mention of books such as "The Purpose-Driven Life" and "The Da Vinci Code" added to her tale of resurgence and redemption. I thought maybe she'd also peeked at the work of Alice Walker, especially "You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down," an early collection of stories about women rising above their circumstances. Why did I think so? Lil' Kim had survived in prison, she told the Times, because she wanted to show her detractors "that y'all cannot hold a good woman down." The phrase made me more sympathetic toward the diminutive rapper, and not just because it echoed a classic work of African-American fiction. It also seemed to offer a nice jumping-off point from which to promote a newer, wiser image.  Lil' Kim has made the most of it.  She has raised millions for the RNC and as persuaded Obama to go after Hillary in 2008.  Hillary's granny panties are wet already.

Can you believe the guy is even touching her?  Yeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Hillary Gets Crushed in Debate by John Spencer - NY Republican Senator Candidate

@ 05:14 PM (100 months, 18 days ago)


On Friday night, Hillary Clinton finally had to face an unscripted, uncontrolled media event -- a debate with her feisty opponent John Spencer, the Republican candidate for Senator from New York this year.

Spencer pinned her ears back with his opening statement when he declared: "I am the only person here who really wants to be the Senator from New York .... she wants to be president."

And then he exploited the opening by reminding Hillary "you're not the president yet."

"How dare you?  Do you know who I am?"

During the debate, Spencer highlighted Hillary's vote against the NSA's wiretapping program and her efforts to kill the Patriot Act.

John Spencer began his challenge to Hillary. The race starts today.


Spencer crushed her with snappy reparte' like she used to hear at home

Hillary's huge financial advantage and her lead in the polls was of little use because it was obvious that the empress has no clothes.

While Hillary gave scripted, rehearsed answers, Spencer challenged her failure to deliver on her campaign promises of 200,000 new jobs and mocked her refusal to accept blame for anything, pinning the job loss on Bush and the North Korea bomb on the State Department.

But beyond the words, there were the appearances. Hillary Clinton was a Richard Nixon look-alike tonight, wearing pancake makeup, featuring hooded eyes that never met the camera, and looking like she felt -- angry at having to waste time justifying her Senate tenure in something as trivial as an election.

John Spencer may not beat Hillary, but he sure made her sweat . If she wins by less than 12 points -- the margin Lazio lost by in 2000 --- she will have a lot of explaining to do. And John Spencer, may just be the guy to make it happen.

Dugg.....please get the You Tube on this.


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Taliyah Taylor - Drugged N.Y. Woman Driving Naked Kills Pedestrian

@ 11:25 PM (100 months, 20 days ago)


As Gilda Radner (RIP) used to say, "It's always something".  Staten Island Girls like Taliyah have always been known as trashy and she sure fits the mold.  This bitch should rot in jail for a long time.  I wonder how many tattoos and where she has.

 A speeding car driven by a naked woman high on drugs hit and killed a pedestrian in the New York City borough of Staten Island, before flipping over and stopping in a parking lot, authorities said on Thursday.

She apparently ended up on top...by design?

The driver, Taliyah Taylor, 24, of Staten Island, was uninjured in Wednesday's crash and pulled from the upside-down car with no clothes on by employees of a nearby hardware store, said William Smith, spokesman for the Staten Island District Attorney's office.

She has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs and second-degree manslaughter, Smith said.

The impact of Taylor's speeding Nissan hitting 41-year-old Larry Simon killed him instantly and sent him flying into above-ground electrical wires, severing his legs, authorities said.

This is the BEST that can be said about you Taliyeh, assuming she is NOT an illegal alien


Simon, a lawyer who had previously worked as a prosecutor in the Staten Island District Attorney's office from 1997 to 2000, was waiting in the median to cross the street and never saw the car, Smith said.

After hitting Simon, Taylor's car hit a vehicle whose occupants were not seriously injured.



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Apple Sells iPods Virus Infested - Blames Microsoft Windows

@ 10:51 PM (100 months, 21 days ago)



Finally, someone is NOT blaming the Republicans for their misfortune.  Of course, Apple attempts to duck responsbility pointing the finger at Microsoft who then gets huffy and pissed off and points the finger right back at Apple.

A young (and alive) Nelson Rockefeller shows Apple and Microsoft his patented technique

Some of Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod digital music players shipped in the past month carry a computer virus, according to a posting on Apple's technical support Web site.

As if the all to frequent hard disk crashes and total breakdowns in addition to the totally proprietary music files weren't enough total bullshit, now this from Apple.  Notice Apple isn't offering to DO anything, Apple simply says find and run some virus removal software.  Lazy jackasses.

Crashed overly fragile and overpriced iPod, the owner

waiting in line for two hours at an Apple store only to be told

it has to be sent in and the OWNER has to pay for repairs

Apple said since September 12, Video iPods left the company's contract manufacturer carrying the virus RavMonE.exe. The virus affects computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system.  "All Video iPods now shipping are virus free," the company said on the site.  An Apple spokesman declined to name the contract manufacturer or specify how many iPods were affected.

Apple said the virus can be detected and removed using many popular anti-virus software programs. It said that Microsoft and Apple shared the blame for shipping the virus.  "As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses, and even more upset with ourselves for not catching it," Apple said on its Web site.


Meanwhile they both continue their heavy political contributions to the demlibs (the original crying babies)


Microsoft fired back in a statement, saying the virus does not appear to take advantage of a Windows vulnerability.  "We encourage all third party vendors to follow best practices and help protect their users regardless of platform through careful scanning of the software they ship, so that they do not expose their customers to unnecessary risk from malicious software," the company said.


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



IFPI Starts Music File Share Lawsuits in Brazil, Mexico and Poland

@ 11:39 PM (100 months, 22 days ago)


Naturally, the IFPI doesn't mention the exorbitant per song "legal" download charge.  Nor does it mention that if you accidentally delete it you are screwed and have to pay again.  Kazaa may have settled but Kazaa is still running and sharing.  The threat of suing parents is ridiculous.  Should parents remove all the computers from the house when their 17 year old child is left home alone.  Is it the parents' job to be nazis for the IFPI?  The threat of lawsuits is supposed to scare your average Joe Citizen from downloading music according to them illegally.  What exactly does a person sign agreeing not to share a CD when they pay an exorbitant price for it originally?

The music industry has been robbing the public for years

This is the organization that helped put all the bucks in Michael Jackson's pockets that he has blown over the years.  The music industry has been ripping off the public for years and wants the Courts worldwide to help them continue to do so.  Enough is enough.  The more downloading and sharing that goes on, the less chance that the measly 31,000 lawsuits as compared to 20 Billion downloads last year alone will get them anywhere.  Copywrite laws need to be updated to deal with new technology.  If the music industry allows its product into the public domain in a format that allows copying, sharing and downloading, it's their own damn responsibility.  If I was running a Court I would toss the crying babies out on their butts.

The music industry has launched a fresh wave of 8,000 lawsuits against alleged file-sharers around the world, escalating its drive to stamp out online piracy and encourage the use of legal download services.  The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents the world's music companies, said on Tuesday the new cases were brought in 17 countries, including the first ones ever in Brazil, Mexico and Poland.  The trade group said more than 1 billion music tracks were illegally downloaded last year in Brazil, the largest market in Latin America. Record company revenue has nearly halved in Brazil since 2000, IFPI said.

IFPI has said some 20 billion songs were illegally downloaded worldwide last year.

The industry has now filed about 18,000 lawsuits in the United States, the largest market for music sales, and 13,000 in the rest of the world.  The legal proceedings involve both criminal and civil suits and are aimed at "uploaders" -- people who put copyrighted songs onto Internet file-sharing networks to offer to music fans without permission.  The IFPI said many of those targeted for legal action were parents whose children had been illegally file-sharing.

How has the music industry had benefited from its settlement of more than $100 million in July this year with long-time antagonist Kazaa, one of the world's best known file-sharing networks?  They got the $100 million but that is peanuts compared to the drop in CD sales.  Legal downloads represent about 11 percent of total music sales, but still do not make up for declining CD sales. Total music sales declined 4 percent in the first half of 2006.

Pissing off potential customers with overpriced CD's and downloads

 will only continue to music industry's downward spiral


The threat of lawsuits is nothing more than extortion.  This is another attempt to ignore the public's right to a free internet.

Internet freedom....fight for it before it goes away




copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Lynne Stewart, NY Lawyer, Martha's Sister, Gets 28 Months of Jail for Aiding Terrorist

@ 11:23 PM (100 months, 23 days ago)



A New York attorney convicted of aiding terrorism by helping a client smuggle messages to militant followers was sentenced on Monday to 28 months in prison.

Lynne Stewart, 67, was convicted in February 2005 of helping her imprisoned client, Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, to contact the Islamic Group, which is listed by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization.

This is the Stewart sister that got the looks, woof woof

Prosecutors said messages Stewart passed on for Abdel-Rahman could have ignited violence in Egypt. The sheikh was convicted in 1995 of conspiring to attack U.S. targets in a plot prosecutors said included the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

"She kept bugging me for sex....YUCK"

Stewart was sentenced by U.S. District Judge John Koeltl in Manhattan federal court. Protesters rallied outside the courthouse chanting and carrying banners demanding a longer sentence.

The civil rights lawyer has defended her actions, saying "The aclu told me this would be perfectly acceptable, the lying jackasses.

Tagged as sex addict and radical leftist, Stewart is the only U.S. lawyer to be indicted on terrorism charges. Some observers said the case stemmed from Omar Abdel-Rahman's complaint that her constantly badgering him for sex was tantamount to torturing accused terrorists.

Since her 2002 indictment, Stewart has become the subject of a documentary called "Who's Afraid of Lynne Stewart?"  Mirrors for one.

"I might get convicted again so I can help decorate her cell"


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



CIA Holds al Qaeda leader Mustafa Setmarian in Secret Jail Says El Pais

@ 10:03 PM (100 months, 24 days ago)


This sounds like great spy work.  I don't know and I don't care whether this jackass is dead or alive and if alive where he is and whether he is ever seen again.  The Spaniards should spend their time at a good bullfight and forget about it.

al Qaeda leader, Mustafa Setmarian, accused of being involved in September 11 and planning the 2004 Madrid train bombings, has been imprisoned in a secret U.S. jail for the past year, Spain's El Pais newspaper reported on Sunday.

Mustafa Setmarian, 48, a Syrian with Spanish citizenship, was captured in Pakistan in October 2005 and is held in a prison operated by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Pakistani and European security service officials told El Pais.

Great work guys, don't let his ugly mug see the light of day ever again

Setmarian's 2005 capture was reported in May of this year after the United States put a $5 million bounty on the head of the alleged founder of al Qaeda's Spanish network.

A photograph of the red-haired Setmarian has been removed from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Intelligence's most-wanted Web page.

Since the bastard has been caught, the spot on the most-wanted list has been freed up for another jackass

Thomas Brackett Reed on Paranoid demlib Bloggers Who Could Care Less About Facts

@ 03:15 AM (100 months, 25 days ago)


"They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge."

demlib handbook available at a bookstore near you (ask a conservative how to get there)

This book is guaranteed to contain no:  facts, plans, solutions or connections to reality




copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Disney Mouse Orgy - Top DVD - Goofy Does Minny Doggie Style

@ 08:24 PM (100 months, 25 days ago)

Scene one:  Goofy rides Minny doggy style - OOPS  wrong costumes

Mickey handled the camera work before putting it on auto and joining in

The Walt Disney Co. on Thursday said it took "appropriate action" against employees at its Paris theme park who were caught simulating sex while dressed as Disney characters in a digital video that has received wide attention on the Internet.  "Appropriate action"  translates to transfer to the Disney Hardcore Production Co.  There the costumes are slightly different.

Not those costumes either

Disney would not say whether it had dismissed any of the costumed employees featured in the grainy video, which appears to have been shot with a hidden camera at a backstage dressing room at Disneyland Resort Paris.

We've been doing it for year, why else would we be smiling in these stupid outfits

"The behavior shown on the video is unacceptable and inexcusable," Disney said in a statement.  Officials are still in conference "reviewing" the video.



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.


Ten Foot Marijuana Plants Used by Taliban to Frustrate Canadian Troops

@ 12:26 AM (100 months, 26 days ago)

Could this finally be the place where bin laden is bonged?

"We could make a fortune here"

Canadian troops fighting Taliban militants in Afghanistan have stumbled across an unexpected and potent enemy -- almost impenetrable forests of 10-feet-high marijuana plants.

General Rick Hillier, chief of the Canadian defense staff, said on Thursday that Taliban fighters were using the forests as cover. In response, the crew of at least one armored car had camouflaged their vehicle with marijuana.

Endorsed by 95% of terrorists

"The challenge is that marijuana plants absorb energy, heat very readily. It's very difficult to penetrate with thermal devices ... and as a result you really have to be careful that the Taliban don't dodge in and out of those marijuana forests," he said in a speech in Ottawa.

"We tried burning them with white phosphorous -- it didn't work. We tried burning them with diesel -- it didn't work. The plants are so full of water right now ... that we simply couldn't burn them," he said.

Even successful incineration had its drawbacks.

"A couple of brown plants on the edges of some of those (forests) did catch on fire. But a section of soldiers that was downwind from that had some ill effects and decided that was probably not the right course of action," Hillier said dryly.

"Can we assist you with any computer related issues while you are here?"

"My men had to go all the way to India to find a 7-11 to grab some snacks.  I didn't have enough troops to put in the field until they got back."

One soldier told him later: "Sir, three years ago before I joined the army, I never thought I'd say 'That damn marijuana'."

"Be all that you can be"  Military service provides unexpected benefits


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Hanoi Death Row Prisoner Gets Pregnant in Solitary - Virgin Mother Redoux?

@ 11:06 PM (100 months, 27 days ago)


A death-row inmate held in solitary confinement in Vietnam for almost a year is pregnant and is seeking a pardon to give birth, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

The Lao Dong (Labour) newspaper quoted a police doctor as saying tests in September confirmed that convicted heroin trafficker Nguyen Thi Oanh, 39, was then 11 weeks pregnant.

Won't happen if they shoot her/them

The report said it was the first time that a death-row prisoner had become pregnant in Vietnam and that police were investigating how it had happened.  This investigation sounds sticky.  Can you spell G U A R D ?  Or maybe the warden?

The husband?  No wonder she is enticing the warden and the guards

Oanh's husband was serving a jail sentence at another prison in another province, the newspaper said.

"I'll give you some heroin for a quickie hon"

Oanh was due to face a firing squad this year after losing her appeal against the death sentence she received last year for possession of a billion dong ($63,000) worth of heroin.  Will they shoot her anyway?  Would shooting her be a human rights violation?


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.




Jim Leyland of the Tigers Has a Real Strategy - Democrats use strategy of ambiguity on Iraq - No Plan - Just Criticism

@ 11:12 PM (100 months, 28 days ago)


This is the first honest thing said or written by a demlib in a long time.  Jim Leyland has more intellectual honesty than a 25 man roster of demlibs.  Why bother with facts and specifics when ambiguous innuendo filled criticism works.  Sounds nazi like to me.  Stir the pot.  Criticize a plan while not having one.  The demlibs are AFRAID to even say they have a strategy because they have NO ANSWERS if they would be asked questions.  Chickenshits.

Republicans have taken a battering over Iraq, but it's not because voters believe Democrats have a clear strategy for ending the conflict and bringing American soldiers home.

"If you ask people out on the street what the message is, they wouldn't know," said Joan Lowery, a 60-year-old insurance company manager, at a recent Democratic fund-raiser in Cincinnati.

Lowery is not alone. Only a quarter of Americans think Democrats in the Congress have a clear plan for Iraq, far less than the 36 percent who believe the president has one, a USA Today/Gallup poll in mid-September found.

Ambiguity has been part of the Democratic strategy on Iraq all along and has worked quite well, they said.

"For a lot of Democrats it is a very successful strategy to simply mirror the voters' underlying discontent with the war, but not to offer specifics that make them a vulnerable target," said Matthew Woessner, an assistant professor of public policy at Pennsylvania State University.

He cited the Pennsylvania race for the U.S. Senate as an example. The Democratic challenger, Bob Casey, running against Republican incumbent Rick Santorum, has opposed the status quo but been vague about what to do about Iraq.

"For Casey it has been a very effective strategy, because Casey knows that he is in a position to capitalize on the president's weakness on Iraq, without giving Santorum specific targets to fire at," Woessner said.

When Democratic politicians like Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania offered detailed plans, they gave Republicans the opportunity to expose them to public scrutiny.

"It is when they become specific," Woessner said, "that they ... open themselves up to criticism."

"It is fear that keeps them from having a clear position," said Paulette Meier, 55, after a meeting of religious liberals in Cincinnati. "They are afraid of being seen as cut and run."

demlib chickens create policy



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@ 08:53 PM (100 months, 29 days ago)


Nothing surprising here.  Of course Olbermann could NEVER back up his big mouth.  The holier than thou jackass seems to think treating women like shit is all in a day's work and one of his rights as a demlib.

A BROWN-haired beauty who claims she had an unsatisfying one-night stand with Keith Olbermann is getting her sweet revenge - she's launched a blog to warn other women about the acerbic MSNBC commentator's boorish bedroom habits.

The babe, who calls herself KarmaBites1, says she doesn't want others "to fall into the same trap . . . and I want him to feel some remorse for what he's done . . . He sets his mind on a woman, lures her in, and once he gets what he wants, he refuses to ever speak to them again. And I don't think he understands the damage he's caused."

A 30-something office worker of Caribbean descent, KarmaBites1 said she struck up an e-mail friendship with Olbermann, whom she admired, and agreed to fly to New York to meet him last May. She says he came to her hotel room and opened a bottle of Merlot which he "spilled all over." Then, when "sexual activity began [in] less than an hour," Olbermann had difficulty. "I pretended he knew what he was doing," the embittered blogger writes. "I adored the guy. I didn't want him to think he was a dud in bed," so she faked experiencing ecstasy.  Olbermann has taken so much viagra and cialis, he is immune to their effects.

Dud on TV, dud in bed, it figures.  Shouldn't Olbermann be fired by MSNBC over the emails?  Did she keep copies?  Were there IM's too?  Would the transcript be cheap porno at best?

Next, he piled on excuses as to why he had to leave. "He told me he's an insomniac and that it's hard for him not to sleep in his own bed. He also mentioned he hadn't had 'company' in a while. [He said] he had an early meeting with the Yankees [and] he might be allergic to the pillows in the hotel bed."

Six days later, she claims, Olbermann e-mailed her to tell her never to contact him again. "I practically begged him to explain what I did wrong. I told him I deserved some kind of explanation for such a dismissal, but I never heard from him again." She said she's since heard from six other women who say they had brief sexual relationships with Olbermann.

She named her blog forthisreliefmuchthanks.blogspot.com, after a line from "Hamlet" she says the perennial bachelor quoted.


Even Ex Congressman Foley rejected the advances of this vitriolic jackass



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North Korea test fires long-range missile shorter-range rockets Wednesday - long-range test failed within a minute

@ 11:36 PM (101 months, 5 hours ago)


Let's get this straight.  The test firing of a nuclear weapon was a cry for attention and help.  "We want to be your trading partners and we want you to give us financial aid, please pay attention to us."  Folklore has had it that the Asian mind moves in mysterious ways, but this one is a puzzle.

HELLO Kim, the United States simply means what America says.  Don't overthink it dude.  Listen to the words.  The words resonate truth.  The U.S. invade North Korea?  Are you nuts with Chavez and Castro so conveniently located?

CNN anchor John King discussed the tests Wednesday with former chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay.

KING: What is [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-Il's calculation?

KAY: ... We all ought to be honest, there's very little that we know about the internal dynamics of that regime, but that here is an individual who desperately wants attention.

He needs a deal with the United States, he believes, both for security and economic reasons. And essentially, the Bush administration has stiff-armed him, not being willing to come forward with direct negotiations outside of the group-of-six discussions.

So I think it's a desperate play. It obviously didn't work. And I think the most interesting sidebar story is going to be what happens in Pyongyang? Who vouched for the reliability of this missile, and what are the consequences now that it failed? ...

KING: Many would reflexively say, if the test of this new long-range missile failed, that it weakens Pyongyang's hand. But this is, as you said, a secretive, reclusive regime. We don't know much about its internal calculations. Could it cause some desperate reaction, if you will?

KAY: I worry as much about weakening Pyongyang's hand as strengthening [it] because we know so little about it. The one thing we do know -- or think we know -- is it has five to six nuclear warheads and is a secretive regime. So, a weakened Pyongyang might not necessarily be more in the interest of stability and peace on the Korean Peninsula and that part of East Asia.

I don't think we know enough to know how this will play out. I think that probably is the focus of what limited intelligence gathering we have right now.

KING: [Some] have said they wish the administration was more generous in what it was willing to put on the table, the carrots, if you will. ... One would assume the last thing the president would be inclined to do is to put more carrots on the table.

KAY: I think that's absolutely true. Although I must say, the carrot that they really want -- North Korea really wants a relationship with the United States. ... We've spoken the opposite way, of asking the Chinese to bring more pressure on the North Koreans.

My read of North Korea, and my discussions when I've been in Asia recently, is that the North Koreans are deeply suspicious of the Chinese. They realize how much economic power [the Chinese] have over them. And they would like a relationship with us as much to counter the Chinese.

I think it likely this was a stupid, ill-advised ploy on their part. But it also shows how little they understand the U.S.

Read a little Confucius Kim and get your shit together, you are confused bud



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Hillary Adopts New Muslim Name - Another Dose of Political Expediency

@ 01:10 AM (101 months, 1 day ago)









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Eagles Shut Down T.O. - Boo Hoo Poor Baby

@ 11:12 PM (101 months, 1 day ago)


Terrell Owens

Eagles 1  -  T.O. ZERO




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GET YOUR RESERVATIONS IN SOON!!!! Subject: Upcoming 2008 Democratic Convention agenda!

@ 10:57 PM (101 months, 1 day ago)



Convention agenda!




Sponsored by hairy armpits.

6:00 p.m. - Opening flag burning ceremony.
6:05 p.m.  Opening secular prayers by Rev. Jesse

Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton.
6:30 p.m. - Anti-war concert by Barbra Streisand.
6:40 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
7:00 p.m. - Tribute theme to France.
7:10 p.m. - Collect offerings for al Zawahri defense fund.
7:25 p.m. - Tribute theme to Germany.
7:45 p.m. – Anti War rally (Moderated by Michael Moore)                          
8:25 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
8:30 p.m. - Terrorist appeasement workshop.
9:00 p.m. -Gay marriage ceremony (both male and female couples).
9:30.p.m. - * Intermission *
10:00.p.m. -Posting the Iraqi Colors by Sean Penn and Tim 


10:10 p.m. - Re- enactment of Kerry's fake medal toss. 

10:20.p.m. - Cameo by Dean 
10:30 p.m. - Abortion demonstration by N.A.R.A.L. 
10:40 p.m. - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
10:50 p.m. - Pledge of allegiance to the UN.
11:00 p.m. - Multiple gay marriage ceremony (threesomes, mixed and
same sex). Rep. Barney Frank (D,Mass.), Sponsor



Barney Franks wet dream.

11:15 p.m. - Maximizing Welfare workshop.
11:30 p.m.
 - 'Free Saddam' pep rally.
11:59 p.m.
 - Ted Kennedy proposes a toast.
12:00 p.m.
 - Nomination of democratic candidate.
 Any chance we could get Ted Kennedy to drive Hillary home from the convention?




How does Bill win these things?  How come no one is asking me to get laid?




I will never have to have sex with THAT woman again.



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Hamas Vows to Keep Power, Won't Recognize Israel Says Ismail Haniyeh

@ 02:20 AM (101 months, 2 days ago)


"We say we will be in every government, we will stay in the government," he said. "We will not recognize Israel."  Doesn't sound very Israel friendly to me.  Sounds like the clown dictator in Iran, Ahmadinejad.

THEY say what they are going to do.  The American demlibs don't think they mean it.  Maybe the demlibs don't mean what they say (like 99% of the time, the frauds), but OTHER people do mean what they say.  The demlibs won't believe it until they are in cattle cars headed into the gas chambers.

"They are a peace loving nice people", say the demlibs

"Come to papa fools", says Hamas Prime Minister Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

"Except you Moore, my cholesterol can't handle a pig like you." 


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Democratic Staffer Meryl Ibis Resigns After anti-Semitic Remarks about Senator George Allen

@ 12:03 AM (101 months, 4 days ago)


Has MSM, CNN, et al picked up on this story yet?  How many news cycles will this story play?  No doubt the demlibs figure it isn't and her resignation was overkill and it will blow over.  Is Nancy Pelosi drawing up her own resignation letter right now?

A field organizer for Democratic congressional candidate Al Weed resigned yesterday after it was discovered that she referred to Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) as "Macacawitz."

In an e-mail sent last night, Meryl Ibis asked Democratic supporters to protest "George 'Macacawitz' Allen" during a Republican rally in Danville.

The term "Macacawitz" is an apparent reference to Allen's use of the word "macaca" and the recent discovery that he has Jewish heritage.

Weed spokesman Kurt Gleeson said the staffer "made a mistake in her language that was not sanctioned by the campaign." Weed is challenging Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr. (R-Va.) in the Southside district.

Dick Wadhams, Allen's campaign manager, said Ibis's e-mail "fits a pattern of anti-Semitic behavior" by Democrats. Wadhams said Allen's opponent, Democrat James Webb, should be held accountable for Ibis's e-mail because she also was one of his volunteer organizers.

"So what, we are talking about Foley Foley Foley Foley and NOTHING else".


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Domestic Spying Approved in the Interim by 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

@ 11:03 PM (101 months, 5 days ago)


THIS is NEWS.  Foley WAS news 4 days ago, today he is vicious demlib political fodder that clogs the airwaves and internet

Bad news for real terrorists and their helpers.  Bad news for the demlib paranoid conspiracy theorists.  The Men in Black are BACK.  BIG VICTORY FOR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION.

The Bush administration can continue its warrantless surveillance program while it appeals a judge's ruling that the program is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The president has said the program is needed in the war on terrorism; opponents argue it oversteps constitutional boundaries on free speech, privacy and executive powers.

The unanimous ruling from a three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave little explanation for the decision. In the three-paragraph ruling, judges said that they balanced the likelihood an appeal would succeed, the potential damage to both sides and the public interest.

The Bush administration applauded the decision.

"We are pleased to see that it will be allowed to continue while the Court of Appeals examines the trial court's decision, with which we strongly disagree," Deputy White House press secretary Dana Perino said in a statement.

You know who you are.....run and hide like your hero bin laden


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Chavez Claims Venezuela Arms Buildup is in Anticipation of Imminent United States Invasion

@ 11:52 PM (101 months, 6 days ago)


An explanation for Hugo's behavior could be frequent hops over the border into Columbia for some communing with nature = plant life = drugs.

Dictator Hugo seems to have a penchant for giving his buddies nicknames.  Chavez, who has nicknamed President Bush "the devil," has now nicknamed Secretary Rumsfeld "Mr. Dog".  I have nicknamed Chavez "msfullofhotair".

Meanwhile, the jokester recently closed deals with Russia worth roughly US$3 billion (euro2.4 billion) for 24 Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jets, 53 military helicopters and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles. Venezuela is also obtaining a license for the first Kalashnikov rifle factory in Latin America.

Chavez also said Venezuela will soon install Chinese-made radar and an advanced air-defense system equipped with anti-aircraft missiles capable of shooting down approaching enemy warplanes. 

Chavez claimed the new military hardware is purely for defense. He claims the United States plans to invade this South American nation to seize control of its immense oil reserves.

Yeah right.  The only invasion will be the one into Columbia Chavez runs to seize to cradle of drug trafficking for himself. 

Chavez dresses to impress........Former Congressman Foley and Former Governor McGreevey and Barney Franks?



copywrite 2006 - Barry G.



Woodward Publishes New Expose - Secret Source Revealed

@ 11:32 PM (101 months, 7 days ago)


Bob Woodward, the columnist for The Washington Post who famously wrote, with fellow journalist Carl Bernstein, an exposé on Watergate, for which the source of secret info became known as Deep Throat, has just published a new exposé on administration missteps in Iraq. Appropriately enough, the new source is labeled Deep Tragedy.

While Deep Throat eventually revealed his identity, as S. Mark Felt, a highly placed official at the FBI, the identity of Deep Tragedy has already been revealed as S. Common Knowledge.

Deep Tragedy

The book, State of Denial, includes such tidbits as Bush saying, in November of 2003, “I don’t want anyone in the cabinet to say it is an insurgency. I don’t think we are there yet." He may not even think we’re there now.

In a promo interview on “60 Minutes," Woodward states that Henry Kissinger is advising the White House, which is common knowledge among the residents who live near the former secretary’s home and deal with the regular roar of entering and exiting helicopters.

He says Kissinger has advised Bush and Cheney that in Iraq “Victory is the only meaningful exit strategy.” Woodward goes on to infer that Kissinger is trapped in the past, which, it seems to us, offers little escape for anyone. "This is so fascinating. Kissinger's fighting the Vietnam War again because, in his view, the problem in Vietnam was we lost our will."

The book contains numerous other revelations of uncertainty and infighting in the Bush administration. Apparently, even George Bush’s dad was losing sleep, worrying about the invasion.

Yet it’s a bit late in the game for more finger-pointing. There’s just too much hindsight at play to lend much originality to even the most intrepid effort to get at the truth.

What is really needed is not stirring anew the pot of common knowledge but uncommon insight. Not continuing denial, but decisive acceptance. We must either convince the insurgents that their murderous tactics cannot win by decisive action against them or we should begin a well-gauged departure and leave them to bewail the state of their own self-maimed country.


copywrite 2006 - Barry G.


Iran Air - Saudi Air Disaster at DFW Airport

@ 12:34 AM (101 months, 8 days ago)


Thanks to fast thinking by DFW air traffic controllers, the following was recorded earlier this week: 

 Dallas ATC:  "Tower to Saudi Air  911--You are cleared to land
 eastbound on runway 9R."

 Saudi Air: "Thank you Dallas ATC.  Acknowledge cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R --Allah be Praised !!"
 Dallas ATC: "Tower to Iran Air 711--You are cleared to land westbound on runway 9R."
 Iran Air: "Thank you Dallas ATC.  We are cleared to land on infidel's runway 9R.- -Allah is Great !!"
Pause: Static.............

Saudi Air: " DALLAS ATC !   DALLAS ATC !!! "
Dallas ATC: "Go ahead Saudi Air 911?"
 Dallas ATC:  "Well bless your hearts.  Y'all be careful now and  tell Allah 'hey' for us -- ya hear?     





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Paris Hilton Announces 2008 Presidential Bid

@ 11:32 AM (101 months, 8 days ago)


"Platform?  Policies?  Campaign advertising?  My sister is my running mate." 


We don't need that stuff, we're hot



Hello Paris, I think they put up the wrong billboard, that one is Hillary's



Paris...your target voter is a very small percentage of the population


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Yo Mos - Here are a couple of items you may be able to use

@ 11:21 AM (101 months, 8 days ago)