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David Geffen Slams Hillary - Obama Dancing in the Streets

@ 01:54 AM (99 months, 8 days ago)


With this stuff going on, Joe Biden may still have a chance.  What a circus to watch with that loose cannon in the White House.

Geffen said Republicans believe Hillary Clinton is the "easiest to defeat" in the Democratic arena. He also skewered the senator's unwillingness to apologize for her 2002 vote favoring the use of force resolution in Iraq.

"My comments, which were quoted accurately by Maureen Dowd, reflect solely my personal beliefs regarding the Clintons. Thank You."  said Geffen.

Geffen told Dowd. ''She's so advised by so many smart advisers who are covering every base. I think that America was better served when the candidates were chosen in smoke-filled rooms.''

Hillary's stooges immediately blamed Obama for Geffen's choice to exercise his free speech rights.  Unfortunately there is not enough duct tape in the world to gag everyone who speaks the truth about Hillary.  Obama and crew aren't taking any BS from the Clinton spinmongers.

Obama's campaign didn't shy away from the fight. "It is ironic that the Clintons had no problem with David Geffen when he was raising them $18 million and sleeping at their invitation in the Lincoln bedroom," said Obama communications director.


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Hillary Clinton Launches Fashion Line

@ 01:42 AM (99 months, 8 days ago)


As part of a strategic marketing reverse psychology move, Hillary launched a new clothing line designed to appeal to the consumer who will not vote for Hillary.



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@ 11:01 PM (99 months, 10 days ago)


They just can't seem to 'get it'.  Is it something that oozes out of their brains when they write democrat on the voter registration card?  The last time a democrat had an idea worth ANYTHING was during the Roosevelt administration.


democrats just don't get it



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Hillary - Stubborn as a Mule - Looks Like Camilla - Non Electable

@ 03:35 PM (99 months, 12 days ago)


The New York senator is not used to being challenged on either her policy positions or her votes - especially when it comes to Iraq. For the last six years, she's operated in a protective bubble - insulated from the press and the voters.

Those days are over.

Since she entered the presidential race two weeks ago, she's learned quickly that voters in Iowa and New Hampshire - and most likely in the rest of the country - want truthful answers and won't accept scripted spin.

During the last week, wherever Hillary Clinton campaigned, she faced one dogged question that wouldn't go away: "Are y ou sorry for your 2002 vote in favor of invading Iraq?"

But try as they might, neither reporters nor voters can pry the "S" word out of Hillary. She refuses to apologize for voting to authorize the use of our military.

Instead, she repeats that she "takes responsibility" for her vote and that had she "known then what I know now," she would have voted against the resolution. She reiterates that she doesn't believe in "do-overs" and even tries to persuade her listeners that she never meant to vote for "pre-emptive war" and that she was actually voting to strengthen the weapons inspectors.

Iraq is not her mistake; it's President's Bush's mistake. End of story.

But the questions persist. So, why has she chosen to take on an unnecessary fight about whether to apologize for a vote she cast five ye ars ago? Her fellow candidate John Edwards and 2004's Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry, both have used the "S" word and apologized for their votes. Likely her advisers have warned that the perception that she flip-flops on the issues is a key negative and have urged her not to change her position. She doesn't want to look like Kerry in 2004.

But her refusal to apologize is typical of two other characteristics that so frequently land her in trouble: her stubbornness and belief that she is always right.

We've seen this before.

Urged to compromise on health-care reform in 1994, she refused. Counseled by most of her staff to release the Whitewater documents when The Washington Post first requested them, she said no and triggered the designation of a special prosecutor. When Whitewater co-conspirator Jim MacDougal suggested that he buy her out of the investment to avoid political embarrassment, she refused, saying that she planned to use the proceeds for Chelsea's college tuition. When Bill Clinton had the opportunity to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit, Hillary vetoed that possibility, paving the way for her husband's impeachment.

When Hillary takes these positions, she believes that she is right - and no one can convince her otherwise.

When Hillary is right, this stubbornness is commendable. But when she is wrong, it is frustrating to her supporters and infuriating to her advisers.

But there's another reason for her stubbornness. Hillary, for all of her vaunted independence, depends on gurus to guide her every move. She falls under their spell and, while thus mesmerized, she believes they can do no ill or make no mistake.

Hillary wouldn't compromise on health care because her guru-du-jour Ira Magaziner told he r not to do so. She wouldn't release the Whitewater records because her former mentor, White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum, advised against it. She wouldn't back off her support for the war partially because the generals to whom she had come to listen and admire while serving on the Armed Services Committee warned that it would lead to a disaster. Combine that with the flawed guidance of her pollsters and you see why Hillary is stuck.

Sometimes the gurus are right (as on Iraq). Sometimes they're wrong. But Hillary can't tell the difference.

That's a key reason why she shouldn't be president.



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Why Liberal Democrats Continue To Step on Their Own Dicks

@ 08:22 PM (99 months, 12 days ago)



Think about it, can you name anything intelligent one of them has written?


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Tom Tancredo - John Wayne 2008 Presidential Ticket Targets Secretary of State

@ 01:18 AM (99 months, 15 days ago)


When you think about it seriously, only one man is qualifed for that job.


The world would be a better place.


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Hillary Clinton Acquaintences Dead - Why?

@ 01:10 AM (99 months, 15 days ago)


1 - James McDougal -  Clinton 's convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent  heart attack, while in solitary confinement.  He was a key witness  in Ken Starr's investigation.

2 - Mary Mahoney - A former White House  intern was murdered July 1997 at a Starbucks Coffee Shop in Georgetown. The murder  happened just after she was to go public with her story of sexual harassment  in the White House.

3 - Vince Foster -  Former white House councilor, and colleague of  Hillary Clinton at Little  Rock 's Rose Law firm.  Died of a gunshot wound to  the head, ruled a suicide.

4 - Ron Brown - Secretary of Commerce and  former DNC Chairman. Reported to have died by impact in a plane  crash.  A pathologist close to the investigation reported that there was  a hole in the top of Brown's skull resembling a gunshot wound.  At the  time of his death Brown was being investigated, and spoke publicly of his  willingness to cut a deal with prosecutors.

5 - C. Victor Raiser II  and Montgomery  Raiser, Major players in the Clinton fund raising organization died in a private plane  crash in July 1992.

6 - Paul Tulley - Democratic National Committee  Political Director found dead in a hotel room in Little  Rock, September 1992... Described by Clinton as a "Dear friend and trusted advisor."

7- Ed  Willey - Clinton fund raiser, found dead November 1993 deep in the  woods in VA of a gunshot wound to the  head.  Ruled a suicide. Ed Willey died on the same day his wife  Kathleen Willey claimed Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office in the  White House.  Ed Willey was involved  in several Clinton fund raising events.

8 - Jerry Parks - Head  of Clinton's  gubernatorial security team in Little  Rock .  Gunned down in his car at a deserted  intersection outside Little  Rock .  Park's son said his father was building a  dossier on Clinton .  He allegedly threatened to reveal  this information. After he died the files were mysteriously removed from his house.

9 - James Bunch - Died from a gunshot suicide.  It was  reported that he had a "Black Book" of people which contained names of influential people who visited prostitutes in Texas and Arkansas.

10 - James Wilson - Was found dead in May  1993 from an apparent hanging suicide.  He was reported to have ties to  Whitewater.
11- Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Arkansas Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead in May 1994,  in her living room with a gunshot to her head.  It was ruled a suicide  even though there were several packed suitcases, as if she were going  somewhere.  Danny Ferguson was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in  the Paula Jones lawsuit.  Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating  witness for Paula Jones.

12 - Bill Shelton - Arkansas  State Trooper and fiancee of Kathy
Ferguson.  Critical  of the suicide ruling of his fiancee, he was found dead in June, 1994 of a  gunshot wound also ruled a suicide at the grave site of his fiancee. 

13 - Gandy Baugh - Attorney for Clinton 's friend Dan Lassater, died  by jumping out a window of a tall building January, 1994.  His client was  a convicted drug distributor.

14 - Florence  Martin - Accountant & sub-contractor for the CIA, was related to the  Barry Seal Mena  Airport drug smugglin g case.  He died of three gunshot wounds.

15 - Suzanne Coleman - Reportedly had an affair with Clinton when he was  Arkansas Attorney General.  Died of a  gunshot wound to the back of the head, ruled a suicide.  Was pregnant at  the time of her death.

16 - Paula Grober - Clinton 's speech  interpreter for the deaf from 1978 until her death December 9, 1992.  She  died in a one car accident.

17 - Danny Casolaro - Investigative  reporter.  Investigating Mena Airport  and Arkansas Development Finance Authority.  He slit his  wrists, apparently, in the middle of his investigation.

18 - Paul  Wilcher - Attorney investigating corruption at Mena Airport  with Casolaro and the 1980 "October Surprise" was  found dead on a toilet June 22, 1993 in his Washington DC apartment.  Had delivered a report to Janet Reno  three weeks before his death.

19 - Jon Parnell Walker - Whitewater  investigator for Resolution Trust Corp.  Jumped to his death from his  Arlington , Virginia apartment balcony August15, 1993.  He was  investigating the Morgan Guarantee scandal.

20 - Barbara Wise -  Commerce Department staffer.  Worked closely with Ron Brown and John  Huang.  Cause of death unknown.  Died November 29, 1996.  Her  bruised, nude body was found locked in her office at the Department of  Commerce.

21- Charles Meissner - Assistant Secretary of Commerce who  gave John Huang special security clearance, died shortly thereafter in a small  plane crash.

22 - Dr. Stanley Heard - Chairman of the National  Chiropractic Health Care Advisory Committee, died with his attorney Steve  Dickson in a small plane crash.  Dr. Heard, in addition to serving on  Clinton 's advisory council personally treated Clinton 's mother, stepfather  and brother.

23 - Barry Seal - Drug running pilot out of Mena Arkansas , death was no accident.

24 - Johnny Lawhorn Jr. -  Mechanic, found a check made out to Bill Clinton in the trunk of a car left at  his repair shop.  He was found dead after his car had hit a utility pole.  

25 - Stanley Huggins -  Investigated Madison Guarantee.  His death was a purported suicide and  his report was never released.
26- Hershell Friday - Attorney  and Clinton fund raiser died March 1, 1994 when his plane exploded.

27  - Kevin Ives and Don Henry - Known as "The boys on the track" case.   Reports say the boys may have stumbled upon the Mena Arkansas airport drug operation.  A  controversial case, the initial report of death said, due to falling asleep on  railroad tracks.  Later reports claim the two boys had been slain before  being placed on the tracks.  Many linked to the case died before their  testimony could come before a Grand Jury.


28 - Keith Coney - Died when  his motorcycle slammed into the back of a truck, July 1988.

29 - Keith  McMaskle - Died stabbed 113 times, Nov, 1988

30 - Gregory Collins -  Died from a gunshot wound January 1989.

31 - Jeff Rhodes - He was  shot, mutilated and found burned in a
trash dump in April 1989.

32  - James Milan - Found decapitated.  However, the Coroner ruled his death  was due to "natural causes. "

33 - Jordan Kettleson - Was found shot  to death in the front seat of his pickup truck in June 1990.

34 -  Richard Winters - A suspect in the Ives / Henry deaths.  He was killed in  a set-up robbery July 1989.

35 - Major William S. Barkley Jr.
36 - Captain Scott J. Reynolds  
37 - Sgt. Brian Hanley
38 - Sgt. Tim Sabel
39 - Major General  William Robertson
40 - Col. William Densberger
41 - Col. Robert Kelly  
42 - Spec. Gary Rhodes
43 - Steve Willis
44 - Robert Williams  
45 - Conway LeBleu
46 - Todd McKeehan

Coincidence or is it MURDER?


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democrats Adopt New Party Seal to Freshen Image

@ 01:20 AM (99 months, 16 days ago)




Can you image the halitosis this will cause?




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Democrats Unveil 2008 Campaign Strategy

@ 01:12 AM (99 months, 17 days ago)


DNC strategists are beginning to provide written instructions to the party base.



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Tim Russert of Meet the Press Uncovers Democrat Plan for America

@ 12:48 AM (99 months, 18 days ago)





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Tom Tancredo Gets a Famous Running Mate

@ 02:33 AM (99 months, 20 days ago)



The legend came out of retirement and volunteered his

services as a Patriot and True American

"I am proud to be on the same podium as Tom Tancredo"


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Hillary Clinton Gets Donatella Versace Makeover

@ 01:32 AM (99 months, 21 days ago)


U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton should pretend to tap a fraudulent feminine side and wear dresses and skirts instead of trousers, fashion designer Donatella Versace was quoted as saying on Thursday.

"I can understand (trousers) are comfortable but she wants people to think she's  a woman and she at least try to give it a chance," Versace told Germany's weekly newspaper Die Zeit in an interview.

"She should treat faking femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics," Versace said.

With all due respect Donatella, not gonna work

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Hillary Trickery Not Working But She is Trying Damn Hard

@ 12:52 AM (99 months, 22 days ago)


Hillary Clinton finally announced she is running for president.  Mrs Clinton has started wearing ominous pastels and smiling a lot, or appeared to enjoy a joke apparently about her husband's sexcapades in the White House. What is so disgusting about Hillary and her rush for power is the merciless, unapologetic, chisel-eyed way she has pursued her presidential ambitions over the past few years and her blatant attempt to make over her naturally acrid persona into something that American voters might find less nauseating.  Are we supposed to forget the bold faced lying to New York residents in 2006 that she would serve out her full time (by my calculations that would be 2012 and I am pretty sure she can't be a Senator and President simulataneously).

It is like watching someone trying to fold a balloon into a matchbox, or form a rounded human being out of leftover ectoplasm and a Martha Stewart wig. Yet the New York senator ia unconscionable in her aspirations, attempting a soft-focus rebrand on herself as a homemaker of meek views and kindly disposition, ready to whisk around with the duster, cook Bill a nice, eggy supper and sort out world problems at the same time.

In her new pearls and heart-shaped lockets, those telling little trinkets she hopes will send out the subliminal message that she is a biddable soubrette at heart, Mrs Clinton has become shameless in her pursuit of high office and the Hillary-lite ideal. Her official website reveals that the woman who once sneered at Tammy Wynette wives who baked cookies now talks of the inner calm that she finds in housework and gardening, and of how cleaning out her closets brings relief from worrying about North Korea and Iran. "I can't get my arms around that," she says, modestly acknowledging that there are bigger global problems that she can contend with, although folding sweaters and chucking out old tights, alongside the occasional skeleton, is an enjoyable breeze in comparison. What happened to the forbidding woman who first stepped into the public arena 15 years ago, the militant feminist who was not afraid to air her difficult views on stay-at-home mothers and abortion on demand? she is long gone, dissolved in an acid bath of burning ambition, alongside the First Lady Hillary who had an agenda of her own in trying to push through healthcare reforms that appalled many Americans, but fitted with her own bossy, liberal views. With the voting landscape now dominated by moral values and faith-based groups who wield enormous power and are easily affronted, Senator Clinton's route march to the White House must remain free of controversy, and if that means shaping herself into a vanilla vision of impeccably centrist views and somehow distancing herself from her own initial support of the Iraq war and other pesky matters such as gun control and gay marriages, then so be it. Not that any of this is going to be easy.

Mrs Clinton reminds too many Americans of the international embarrassment and sexual psychodrama of her husband's administration, an experience many would rather forget. Naturally, the far Right doesn't like her much, but even among Democrat supporters, she polarizes opinion as if she was political Marmite: people either absolutely love her or utterly loathe her, although all are agreed that a little Hillary goes a long way.

Her voluminous detractors find it particularly annoying that she has made gender the focal point of her campaign in a shameless attempt to neuter the enthusiasm being whipped up around Barack Obama's bid to become the first black US president. "I'm a woman and I'm a mom," croons Hillary-lite, while complaining about the double standards she must endure regarding comments on her clothes and her hair. Yet none of this is trivial. Everything Mrs Clinton now does and says is a deliberate political statement, from the honey streaks in her hairdo to the girly pinks she chooses to camouflage herself in, although the effect of the latter is unconvincing: think killer shark prowling the shallows in a party frock.

Until Hillary no one has ever dared to politically morph themselves to quite such an astounding degree.


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In Honor of Hillary Clinton

@ 09:02 PM (99 months, 22 days ago)


A Blonde's Year in Re-view

January - Took new scarf back to store because it was too tight.

February - Fired from pharmacy job for failing to print labels.....Helllloooo!!!....bottles won't fit in printer !!!

March - Got really excited.....finished jigsaw puzzle in 6 months.....box said "2-4 years!"

April - Trapped on escalator for hours ..... power went out!!!

May - Tried to make Kool-Aid.....wrong instructions....8 cups of water won't fit into those little packets!!!

June - Tried to go water skiing.....couldn't find a lake with a slope.

July - Lost breast stroke swimming competition.....learned later, the other swimmers cheated, they used their arms!!!

August - Got locked out of my car in rain storm.....car swamped because soft-top was open.

September - The capital of
is "C".....isn't it???

October - Hate M & M's.....they are so hard to peel.

November - Baked turkey for 4 1/2 days .. instructions said 1 hour per pound and I weigh 108!!

December - Couldn't call 9-11 .... "duh".....there's no "eleven" button on the stupid phone!!!


" I thought blondes were supposed to have more fun but

every time I lie my asthma kicks in"


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Liberals Keep History Out of Schools to Promote the Wrong Agenda

@ 01:08 AM (99 months, 25 days ago)




This is an EXCELLENT essay.  Well thought out and presented.  Historical Significance Sixty-three years ago, Nazi Germany had overrun almost all of Europe and hammered England to the verge of bankruptcy and defeat, and had sunk more than four hundred British ships in their convoys between England and America for food and war materials.

At that time the US was in an isolationist, pacifist mood, and most Americans wanted nothing to do with the European or the Asian war.

Then along came Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and in outrage Congress unanimously declared war on Japan, and the following day on Germany, which had not yet attacked us.  It was a dicey thing.  We had few allies.

France was not an ally, as the Vichy government of France quickly aligned itself with its German occupiers.  Germany was certainly not an ally, as Hitler was intent on setting up a Thousand Year Reich in Europe.  Japan was not an ally, as it was well on its way to owning and controlling all of Asia.  Together, Japan and Germany had long-range plans of invading Canada and! Mexico, as launching pads to get into the United States over our northern and southern borders, after they finished gaining control of Asia and Europe.  America's only allies then were England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and Russia.  That was about it.  All of Europe, from Norway to Italy, except Russia in the East, was already under the Nazi heel.

America was certainly not prepared for war.  America had drastically downgraded most of its military forces after W.W.I and throughout the depression, so that at the outbreak of WW2, army units were training with broomsticks because they didn't have guns, and cars with "tank" painted on the doors because they didn't have real tanks.  And a huge chunk of our navy had just been sunk or damaged at Pearl Harbor.

Britain had already gone bankrupt, saved only by the donation of $600 million in gold bullion in the Bank of England, that was actually the property of Belgium, given by Belgium to England to carry on the war when Belgium was overrun by Hitler (a little known fact).  Actually, Belgium surrendered on one day, because it was unable to oppose the German invasion, and the Germans bombed Brussels into rubble the next day just to prove they could.  Britain had already been holding out for two years in the face of staggering losses and the near decimation of its air force in the Battle of Britain, and was saved from being overrun by Germany only b! ecaus e Hitler made the mistake of thinking the Brits were a relatively minor threat that could be dealt with later, and first turning his attention to Russia, at a time when England was on the verge of collapse, in the late summer of 1940.

Ironically, Russia saved America's butt by putting up a desperate fight for two years, until the US got geared up to begin hammering away at Germany.

Russia lost something like 24 million people in the sieges of Stalingrad and Moscow alone...  90% of them from cold and starvation, mostly civilians, but also more than a 1,000,000 soldiers.

Had Russia surrendered, Hitler would have been able to focus his entire war effort against the Brits, then America.  And the Nazis could possibly have won the war.

All of this is to illustrate that turning points in history are often dicey things.  And now, we find ourselves at another one of those key moments in history.

There is a very dangerous minority in Islam that either has, or wants and may soon have, the ability to deliver small nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, almost anywhere in the world.  The Jihadis, the militant Muslims, are basically Nazis in Kaffiyahs -- they believe that Islam, a radically conservative form of Wahhabi Islam, should own and control the Middle East first, then Europe, then the world.  And that all who do not bow to their will of thinking should be killed, enslaved, or subjugated. They want to finish the Holocaust, destroy Israel, and purge the world of Jews.  This is their mantra.

There is also a civil war raging in the Middle East -- for the most part not a hot war, but a war of ideas.  Islam is having its Inquisition and its Reformation, but it is not known yet which will win -- the Inquisitors, or the Reformationists.

If the Inquisition wins, then the Wahhabis, the Jihadis, will control the Middle East, the OPEC oil, and the US, European, and Asian economies.  The techno-industrial economies will be at the mercy of OPEC -- not an OPEC dominated by the educated, rational Saudis of today, but an OPEC dominated by the Jihadis.  You want gas in your car?  You want heating oil next winter?  You want the dollar to be worth anything?  You better hope the Jihad, the Muslim Inquisition, loses, and the Islamic Reformation wins.

If the Reformation movement wins, that is, the moderate Muslims who believe that Islam can respect and tolerate other religions, and live in peace with the rest of the world, and move out of the 10th century into the 21st, then the troubles in the Middle East will eventually fade away, and a moderate and prosperous Middle East will emerge.

We have to help the Reformation win, and to do that we have to fight the Inquisition, i.e., the Wahhabi movement, the Jihad, Al Qaeda and the Islamic terrorist movements We have to do it somewhere.  And we can't do it everywhere at once.  We have created a focal point for the battle at a time and place of our choosing........in Iraq.

Not in New York, not in London, or Paris or Berlin, but in Iraq, where we are doing two important things.

(1) We deposed Saddam Hussein.  Whether Saddam Hussein was directly involved in 9/11 or not, it is undisputed that Saddam has been actively supporting the terrorist movement for decades.  Saddam is a terrorist.  Saddam is, or was, a weapon of mass destruction, who is responsible for the deaths of probably more than a million Iraqis and two million Iranians.

(2) We created a battle, a confrontation, a flash point, with Islamic terrorism in Iraq.  We have focused the battle.  We are killing bad people, and the ones we get there we won't have to get here.  We also have a good shot at creating a democratic, peaceful Iraq, which will be a catalyst for democratic change in the rest of the Middle East, and an outpost for a stabilizing American military presence in the Middle East for as long as it is needed.

World War II, the war with the German and Japanese Nazis, really began with a "whimper" in 1928.  It did not begin with Pearl Harbor.  It began with the Japanese invasion of China.  It was a war for fourteen years before America joined it.  It officially ended in 1945 -- a 17 year war -- and was followed by another decade of US occupation in Germany and Japan to get those countries reconstructed and running on their own again ...  a 27 year war.

World War II cost the United States an amount equal to approximately a full year's GDP -- adjusted for inflation, equal to about $12 trillion dollars.  W.W.II cost America more than 400,000 killed in action, and nearly 100,000 still missing in action.

The Iraq war has, so far, cost the US about $160 billion,which is roughly what 9/11 cost New York.  It has also cost about 2,200 American lives, which is roughly 2/3 of the 3,000 lives that the Jihad snuffed on 9/11.  But the cost of not fighting and winning W.W.II would have been unimaginably greater -- a world dominated by German and Japanese Nazism.

This is not 60 minute TV shows, and 2 hour movies in which everything comes out okay.

The real world is not like that.  It is messy, uncertain, and sometimes bloody and ugly.  Always has been, and probably always will be.

The bottom line is that we will have to deal with Islamic terrorism until we defeat it, whenever that is.  It will not go away if we ignore it.

If the US can create a reasonably democratic and stable Iraq, then we have an "England" in the Middle East, a platform, from which we can work to help modernize and moderate the Middle East.  The history of the world is the clash between the forces of relative civility and civilization, and the barbarians clamoring at the gates.  The Iraq war is merely another battle in this ancient and never ending war.  And now, for the first time ever, the barbarians are about to get nuclear weapons.  Unless somebody prevents them.

We have four options:

1.  We can defeat the Jihad now, before it gets nuclear weapons.

2.  We can fight the Jihad later, after it gets nuclear weapons (which may be as early as next year, if Iran's progress on nuclear weapons is what Iran claims it is)

3.  We can surrender to the Jihad and accept its dominance in the Middle East, now, in Europe in the next few years or decades, and ultimately in America.

4.  Or, we can stand down now, and pick up the fight later when the Jihad is more widespread and better armed, perhaps after the Jihad has dominated France and Germany and maybe most of the rest of Europe.  It will, of course, be more dangerous, more expensive, and much bloodier.

If you oppose this war, I hope you like the idea that your children, or grandchildren, may live in an Islamic America under the Mullahs and the Sharia, an America that resembles Iran today.

The history of the world is the history of civilizational clashes, cultural clashes.  All wars are about ideas, ideas about what society and civilization should be like, and the most determined always win.

Those who are willing to be the most ruthless always win The pacifists always lose, because the anti-pacifists kill them.  Remember, perspective is every thing, and America's schools teach too little history for perspective to be clear, especially in the young American mind.

The Cold war lasted from about 1947 at least until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.  Forty-two years.  Europe spent the first half of the 19th century fighting Napoleon, and from 1870 to 1945 fighting Germany World War II began in 1928, lasted 17 years, plus a ten year occupation, and the US still has troops in Germany and Japan.
World War II resulted in the death of more than 50 million people, maybe more than 100 million people, depending on which estimates you accept.

The US has taken more than 2,000 killed in action in Iraq.  The US took more than 4,000 killed in action on the morning of June 6,
, the first day of the Normandy Invasion to rid Europe of Nazi Imperialism.  In W.W.II the US averaged 2,000 KIA a week -- for four years.  Most of the individual battles of W.W.II lost more Americans than the entire Iraq war has done so far.

But the stakes are at least as high ...  A world dominated by representative governments with civil rights, human rights, and personal freedoms ...  or a world dominated by a radical Islamic Wahhabi movement, by the Jihad, under the Mullahs and the Sharia (Islamic law).

It's difficult to understand why the American left does not grasp this.  They favor human rights, civil rights, liberty and freedom, but evidently not for Iraqis.


Passport Needed to go to Mexico for Wet T Shirt Contests?

@ 11:35 PM (99 months, 27 days ago)


Once again reality has me baffled.  I NEED A PASSPORT TO TAKE A JUNKET TO MEXICO.  However, the people that pick grapes in Nancy Pelosi's vineyards don't?  The people who bus tables and wash dishes in Nancy Pelosi's restaurants don't?  WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR A PASSPORT TO GO TO MEXICO.

According to this no passport is required

Granted I do want to go to a vacation spot in Mexico so I will pay

I could be spending the passport money to bribe my way into being a wet t shirt contest.

  Get this:  A Mexican whether legal or illegal in the US does NOT have to have a passport to go the Mexico and even if illegal can get a California driver's license




Copywrite 2007  -  Barry G.


Hillary Barely Tolerates the Average American Voter

@ 01:28 AM (99 months, 28 days ago)


Mixing with crowds and people in general is an occupational hazard for Hillary.  If she could, her campaign would be conducted solely through podcasts and chatrooms while she is sealed in a bubble.  Did you ever wonder who Chelsea's REAL mother is?

Mama's Big Ones: The Best of Mama Cass

Could it be this woman?  Looks like Bill's type.


Hillary has reached a compromise when dealing with the public.  She has an 8 foot buffer zone.  No one can touch her.  She is always on prophylactic antibiotics.  She has never come within 10 feet of an actual prophylactic or within 20 feet of what one covers.


The fraud won't even breath the same air as the rest of us


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Biden Announces Candidacy and Hillary Attacks Begin Immediately

@ 01:18 AM (99 months, 29 days ago)


Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) joined the 2008 race for the White House yesterday, declaring that he has the right skills and experience to extricate the United States from Iraq without destabilizing the Middle East.

Biden criticized Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's proposal to cut funding to Iraqi security forces if the Iraqi government fails to meet a series of benchmarks.

"I think it would be a disaster, if that is her plan," he said of the New York senator on "Good Morning America." "They're the people we're supposed to be training so that we can rely on them to aid us in the efforts that we undertake."

Biden said that so many Democrats do not support her gave him hope that he could win the nomination. "My point was she's known by 100 percent of the people and has had the legitimate and understandable support from her husband and there are still 80 percent of the people who hate her guts and think she is full of shit," he told reporters.


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