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Barry Says:

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A photo of Michael trying to look straight


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Richard Gere Faces Lip Removal for Shilpa Shetty Molesting

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An Indian court ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere Thursday for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS campaign event this month saying it was an obscene act committed in public.

Gere's repeated kisses on Shetty's cheeks at an event to promote AIDS awareness in New Delhi sparked protests in some parts of India, mostly by Hindu vigilante groups, who saw it as an outrage against her modesty and an affront to Indian culture.

The order by a court in the northern city of Jaipur came in response to a complaint by a local lawyer.

The judge watched a video recording of Gere kissing Shetty and found him guilty of violating Indian laws against public obscenity, the lawyer, Poonam Chand Bhandari, said. 

If caught in India, Gere's sentence of having his lips surgicaly removed without anesthesia will be carried out on public television.


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Teacher Qualifications

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After being interviewed by the school administration, the teaching prospect said, "Let me see if I've got this right:  

You want me to go into that room with all those kids, correct their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse, monitor their dress habits, censor their T-shirt messages, and instill in them a love for learning. You want me to check their backpacks for weapons, wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and raise their sense of self esteem and personal pride.  

You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, and how to register to vote, balance a checkbook, and apply for a job. You want me to check their heads for lice, recognize signs of antisocial behavior, and make sure that they all pass the state exams.  

You also want me to provide them with an equal education regardless of their handicaps, and communicate regularly with their parents by letter, telephone, newsletter, and report card. You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, a bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a starting salary that qualifies me for food stamps. You want me to do all this and then you tell me........  



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I'm Going to Become a Jet Setter

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I'm packing my bags right now.  Hell I might even pay for some anti Hillary ads on the planes.

Skybus Airlines Inc., a new U.S. budget carrier, on Tuesday said it will start flying on May 22 with $10 one-way tickets available on all flights.

"Beginning today, passengers can buy airline tickets for less than the cost of a tank of gas," Skybus CEO Bill Diffenderffer said in a statement.

The launch of the new low-cost carrier, which is based in Columbus, Ohio, could pressure established carriers like AMR Corp's American Airlines and Delta Air Lines Inc..

Skybus, which plans to acquire more than 70 aircraft over the next five years, hopes to be able to undercut rivals by selling advertising space inside and outside its planes and charging for priority seating and checking bags.

It keeps costs down by only taking reservations over the Internet and not staffing a call center.


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Sharpton - Jackson Credit Card - Don't Leave Home Without It

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Coming soon.....available regardless of color


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Steinbrenner Will Name Successor After Axeing Steve Swindal

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KIM JONG-STEINBRENNER Very little is known about the super-reclusive head of the North Korean branch of the Steinbrenners, who for the past 15 years has managed the family’s vast plutonium mining interests. George Steinbrenner paid an impromptu visit to his mercurial ninth cousin while scouting pitching talent in Pyongyang in early 2002. According to one insider who was present at the meeting in Kim’s highly fortified underground bunker, the Yankee boss came away impressed, although he feared that the North Korean might be “a little too autocratic.” Still, Steinbrenner is reported to be high on Kim, believing that if he were at the helm of the Yankees, he would try to win at all costs. “Kim would try to destroy the Red Sox,” the insider said. “Literally.”

BIZARRO GEORGE STEINBRENNER NO. 1 Perhaps the darkest of dark horses on the list, Bizarro George Steinbrenner No.1 has run the Old York Yankees of the alternate universe known as the Bizarro Planet for the past 30 years, securing 30 consecutive last-place finishes. The Bizarro Yankee boss’s recent comments to the Bizarro Planet’s leading sports magazine, Mademoiselle, offer some hints about his baseball philosophy: “Me spend big money on bad players and lose, lose, lose!” One Steinbrenner insider believes that Bizarro George Steinbrenner No. 1 has virtually no chance of running the Yankees, but adds, “He could catch on with the Knicks.”

ATTORNEY GENERAL ALBERTO GONZALES Rumors that the embattled attorney general had made George Steinbrenner’s shortlist swept through Tampa and the Bronx this week. Gonzales is the only non-Steinbrenner under consideration, and the mere mention of his name has Yankee-watchers debating his pros and cons. “On the negative side, Gonzales doesn’t seem very good at remembering things that were said at meetings,” says the insider. “But on the plus side, it looks like he’s going to be available soon.” Gonzales’s biggest fan may also be the most important one: The Boss himself. “Steinbrenner is totally blown away by Alberto,” the insider says. “Even George has never fired eight people in one day.”


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Virginia Tech Tragedy is Being Exploited - the Blame Game Doesn't Bring Back the Victims

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OK...I've had enough.  The people tragically killed at Virginia Tech have NOT EVEN BEEN BURIED YET.  Nonetheless, politician, media, pundits et al are exploiting the horrible tragedy to push their own political agenda.  As of today, the blame game has even pointed to President Bush.

Is the President now in charge of monitoring the policies and day to day business of every university and college in the country?  If so, what exactly to the administrators of those institutions do besides pander to America hating professors?

The anti gun lobby is using the tragedy to push it's agenda.  The gun lobby is using it to push it's agenda.  The illegal alien opponents are using it to push theirs.  One pundit, Keith Olbermann to be precise, was put out that the tragedy postponed the Alberto Gonzales testimony.

Then there is the blame game.  In addition to it all being President Bush's fault, before the sun set on April 16, the local police were  blames, university security was blamed, university administrators were blamed, university policies were blamed.

Yesterday, the professor who sent him to counseling was blamed, the counseling was blamed.  Today it comes out that NBS has direct comunications from Cho during the 2.5 hour ceasefire.  Is NBC to blame?  Did NBC actually have more information during the 2.5 hour ceasefire that the Virginia Tech administration.  Should NBC have DONE anything about it?  Is it Imus' fault for distracting NBC?


The media needs to take a collective deep breath.  Let the families grieve.  Let the victims be buried with dignity.  Let actual FACTS be determined.  If necessary the media should run continuous loops of Gilligan's Island, the Simpsons, Magilla Gorilla, Bewitched, etc. reruns and cease making this tragedy a circus.

Those using the tragedy as an opportunity to push an agenda are shameless disrespecters of human life.  Remember who is doing all of these reprehensible things the next time you vote.  In the meantime thankfully pray for the safety of your family and for the families of the victims.

The tragedy sickened me and hurt my soul.  The actions of those seeking to take advantage of it make me puke.


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Al Sharpton Self Promotion History - Abbreviated Version

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* Racial agitator and Founder of the National Action Network

* Incited an anti-Jewish riot in Crown Heights in 1991 in which a Jewish student was lynched

* Convicted of libel for his role in the Tawana Brawley hoax

* Incited anti-Semites against Freddy’s Mart which was burned by one of Sharpton’s followers killing seven people

* Democratic Party presidential candidate, 2004

Al Sharpton was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1954, to comparatively prosperous parents. He demonstrated considerable verbal dexterity at an early age and was touted as "the Wonder Boy Preacher" by age 7, when he toured with gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and F.D. Washington, the Pentecostal minister of the Washington Temple Church of God in Christ in Brooklyn. Washington personally ordained Sharpton a minister at age 9.

Sharpton’s parents divorced when he was 10, leaving Sharpton and his mother impoverished. While in high school, he organized his first protests – against cafeteria food and the school’s dress code. In 1969 he began his affiliation with Jesse Jackson, being appointed youth director of Operation Breadbasket, a group that boycotted businesses that refused to hire blacks. In 1971, Sharpton organized the National Youth Movement, an organization with the entirely laudable goals of fighting drug use and raising money for impoverished youth. He headed the group for the next 17 years. He dropped out of Brooklyn College after two years; he has enjoyed the benefit of no additional higher education or formal seminary training since. Upon the completion of his academic career, he began working for the entertainer James Brown and, later, for boxing promoter Don King. He made an unsuccessful run for the New York State Senate in 1978.

In a video shown on HBO’s Real Sports with Brian Gumbel, Sharpton appeared in a 1983 FBI videotape discussing the laundering of drug money with mobster-turned-informant Michael Franzese, one-time captain for the Colombo crime family. Sharpton appears on the tape to offer to broker a meeting between Don King and a South American drug lord. No indictments were filed, but they do suggest the nature of Sharpton’s relationship to King.

Sharpton made his first appearance on the national stage during the 1985 trial of Bernhard Goetz, a white man who, the previous year, had shot and wounded four black teens who threatened him on a New York City subway. Sharpton focused not on the fact that the youths were preparing to assault and rob Goetz, but rather on the allegation that Goetz used a racial epithet when shooting his tormenters.

But Sharpton truly entered the national consciousness in 1986. A group of whites, led by a South African teenager who had recently immigrated to the U.S. from England, attacked four black men whose car had broken down in the Howard Beach section of Queens, New York. One of the blacks, 23-year-old Michael Griffith, was struck and killed by a car as he ran into the road to escape the mob. The car was driven by Dominick Blum, a court reporter and the son of a policeman. Sharpton was one of a number of black politicians and clergy who rightly protested the racial beating, but Sharpton and activist attorneys C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox then claimed that the police were engaged in a cover-up to protect Blum, whom they alleged was part of the conspiracy. The evident stupidity of their position notwithstanding, the three insisted that Blum, the driver of the car, was in some way involved with the gang of white youths. Maddox admitted that his goal in the case was to develop an agenda

that was "bigger than Michael Griffith’s," in order to further polarize New York along racial lines.

The three men found their next opportunity to create racial discord in the Tawana Brawley case, arguably the greatest media circus of the 1980s. Brawley claimed that she had been abducted, raped, and smeared with feces by a mysterious gang of six white law-enforcement officers. Brawley’s account was demonstrated to be without basis when extensive testing and investigation by law-enforcement officials demonstrated that no rape had ever taken place, and a grand jury eventually dismissed Brawley’s accusations. Despite the lack of evidence, Sharpton, Maddox, and Mason used the hoax to make increasingly wild accusations, culminating in accusations that then-Duchess County assistant prosecutor Steve Pagones was one of Brawley’s assailants. They further alleged that in addition to participating in the gang-rape, Pagones had arranged the murder of Harry Crist, a part-time police officer who had taken his own life after a series of career setbacks and the end of a romantic relationship. Sha rpton appeared on the Phil Donahue and Geraldo Rivera programs, Nightline, and other local and national television shows repeating his claims about Pagones and calling him a sexual predator. Brutal anti-Semitic statements were made by both Sharpton and Maddox about New York State Attorney General Robert Abrams.

Maddox and Mason were eventually suspended from the practice of law; all three of the men were sued by Pagones, who won his defamation suit in 1998, Sharpton’s portion of the punitive damages being paid by several of his friends. No amount of money, however, could have adequately compensated Pagones for the incalculable damage that Sharpton’s reckless and vicious charges had done to the young district attorney. During the decade prior to Pagones’ long-awaited court victory over Sharpton, the former prosecutor had suffered through constant stress and anxiety (exacerbated by numerous death threats from Sharpton’s credulous followers) that contributed heavily to the collapse of Pagones’ marriage; the man’s life was virtually destroyed. Sharpton has never acknowledged or apologized for what he did to Pagones.

Sharpton continued his attempts to grab the media spotlight in the 1990s. He formed the National Action Network in 1991; the goals of the group appear laudable (voter registration and education, economic support for small minority-owned businesses), but in reality it has merely provided for Sharpton, a veneer of respectability under which to continue his racially polarizing activities.

In 1991, anti-Semitic riots in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section erupted after 7-year old Gavin Cato, a black child, was accidentally killed by an out-of-control car driven by a Hasidic Jew. Gavin’s cousin, Angela Cato, was also injured in the same accident. Within three hours, a black mob had hunted down a rabbinical student, Yankel Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum was killed by Lemrick Nelson, who was acquitted of the murder by a jury in New York but later convicted on federal charges of violating Rosenbaum’s civil rights. Sharpton criticized the Jewish community at Cato’s funeral, inflaming ethnic hatreds, and organized more demonstrations that turned once again into open rioting. Sharpton fanned the flames of racial hatred by publicly announcing that it was not merely a car accident that had killed Gavin Cato, but rather "the social accident of apartheid." The contentious activist then challenged local Jews –– whom he derisively characterized as "diamond merchants –– to "pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house" to settle the score. Finally he claimed, without proof, that the Jewish driver had run over the Cato children while in a drunken stupor. Stirred in part by such rhetoric and false accusations, hundreds of Crown Heights blacks took violently to the streets, pelting Jewish homes with rocks, setting vehicles on fire, and shouting "Jew! Jew!" Sharpton reacted to the rioting by stating, "We must not reprimand our children for outrage, when it is the outrage that was put in them by an oppressive system."

After 1991, Sharpton attempted to magnify his political profile, running unsuccessfully for Senate in 1992 and 1994, and receiving 32 percent of the vote in the 1997 Democratic mayoral primary. In 1995, he led his National Action Network in an ugly boycott against Freddy’s Fashion Mart, a Jewish-owned business that had its rent raised by its black landlord. Freddy’s in turn raised the rent on one of its subtenants, a black-owned music store. Published transcripts of Sharpton’s incendiary radio broadcasts about the Freddy’s boycott were available only through the Jewish press; the mainstream press printed only a few of the less-inflammatory of the Reverend’s comments.

The street leader of the boycott, Morris Powell, was the head of Sharpton’s "Buy Black" Committee. Repeatedly referring to the Jewish proprietors of Freddy’s as "crackers," Powell and his fellow protesters menacingly told passersby, "Keep [going] right on past Freddy’s, he’s one of the greedy Jew bastards killing our [black] people. Don’t give the Jew a dime." Some picketers openly threatened violence against whites and Jews –– all under the watchful, approving eye of Sharpton. The subsequent picketing became increasingly violent in tone until one of the protesters eventually shot four whites in the store, and then set the building on fire –– killing seven employees, most of whom were Hispanics.

Sharpton’s humiliation in the 1998 Pagones trial, as well as his efforts to enter the political mainstream, may have caused him to become quieter in recent years, but the radical and ultimately self-aggrandizing nature of his agenda cannot be in doubt. In 2001 the National Action Network urged a boycott of Arab-owned gas stations in Michigan, alleging that Arabs engaged in racial profiling and citing instances of Arab violence against blacks. Sharpton, needing to restore his credentials with the Arab community and indifferent at best to Jewish concerns, reversed his ground in 2002 for purely political motives. Sharpton led a boycott on several news media outlets for failing to devote enough television hours to programs that portrayed blacks in a positive light, and demanding that they carry The Word, a gospel program aimed at black urban audiences. It is worth noting in this connection that Sharpton has been linked to several blacks in the entertainment industry, some of whom paid

the money he owed to Steve Pagones as a result of the Tawana Brawley lawsuit.

Sharpton embraced Yasser Arafat in 2001, again for political reasons as he hoped to unseat Jesse Jackson as the most influential black leftist in the United States. That same year, he led a protest against the U.S. Naval exercises in Vieques, Puerto Rico. He recently was called upon by Marxist and failed revolutionary theologian Jean-Bertrand Aristide to attempt to broker a peace deal in Haiti. He has maintained a sharp criticism of the war in Iraq.

Sharpton campaigned for the presidency in 2004. He was roundly rejected by the black community during the primary contest. In South Carolina he garnered only 9% of the vote in a state where 40% of the Democratic primary voters are black. The Democratic Party establishment, which had long lost the ability to maintain any moral standards vis-à-vis racial demagogues like Sharpton, allowed Sharpton to speak in the 9 p.m. prime-time slot on the third day of its convention.


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Couric Plagiarism Blamed on Innocent Producer

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"CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric may vividly recall her first library card, but the network says she claims to be unaware that her online video essay about the virtues of libraries was largely a work of plagiarism.

CBS News said this week the April 4 installment of "Katie Couric's Notebook" consisted mostly of passages lifted verbatim from a Wall Street Journal column by Jeffrey Zaslow that was published in March.

CBS claimed that a producer was responsible for Couric's piece and immediately fired the producer.  Insiders say that Couric did eeny meeny miny mo to decide which producer would cover her lying butt.


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How to Know You Are Knocking on a democrat's Door

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OR...POSTED ON hillary, pelosi, o'donnell,  couric's OR olbermann's DOORS



Hillary Changes Name to Barack Obama

@ 01:59 AM (95 months, 3 days ago)

“I am just trying to reach out to as many people as I can,” she told the press corps. “I want them to get to know Barack Obama, the woman.”

Minutes after the former Sen. Clinton announced her decision, however, she received a harsh rebuke from the Obama campaign, who claimed that the Illinois senator has exclusive rights to the Barack Obama name, since his name is actually Barack Obama.

“Hillary has no right to change her name to Barack Obama and she knows it,” said Carol Foyler, a spokesperson for the Obama campaign. “If she wants to steal another candidate’s name, why doesn’t she take Kucinich?”

Coming to the New York senator’s defense was her husband, former president Bill Clinton, who told CNN that “it is every American’s right to change his or her name to Barack Obama.”


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“I am behind my wife’s decision one hundred percent,” said Mr. Clinton, who said he will now be known as Michelle Obama.


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Free Porn Links

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Simonyi Booked on Soyuz After Blowing Off JetBlue

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U.S. software mogul Charles Simonyi said that he agreed to pay $25 million to travel on board the Russian Soyuz TMA-10 spaceship only after repeatedly failing to travel on JetBlue.

"JetBlue sucks', said Chuck.  I don't necessarily like doing business with the Russkies, but a man has to do business.  Donald Trump chimed in, "I just sent Rosie O'Donnell off on an around the world cruise on Sea Diamond after flying her to Greece on JetBlue.  Is that OK?"

Good riddance hogster!


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Iran's Ahmadinejad Wimps Out and Sends British Soldiers Home

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The spineless weasel wimped out and backed down.  Go figure.  A bully chickening out when called on his crap.  The best he could come up with is "It's an Easter gift".  I personally did not know that the madman even celebrated Easter.

One can only hope that only minor damage and hopefully not even that was inflicted on the sailors while in the madman's clutches.  Those propaganda videos were horrible.  Will the UN do anything about it?  When hell freezes over or when pelosi and hillary shut up whichever comes first.


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Couric: Told to F Herself by Elizabeth Edwards - Damn Right

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Elizabeth Edwards wants to be clear: She made the choice to stick with her husband's campaign for president after learning her cancer had returned.

"I think that people who are critical like to think that John dragged me kicking and fighting the whole way, that I'm somehow disappointed in this. I'm not disappointed in this," she said Monday.

It was the couple's first campaign trip to New Hampshire, a key early-voting state, since announcing last month that Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer, diagnosed at the end of the 2004 campaign, had returned in her bones. Democrat John Edwards stayed in the race, drawing both praise from fellow cancer survivors and questions about whether that was the right choice.

Speaking to reporters after her husband's town hall meeting, Elizabeth Edwards, 57, said at decision time, she went first.

"He let me make it first, I think, because he wanted to make certain it was mine and I wasn't just deferring to him," she said. "This is what I wanted to do."

"When I have my show, I will have Couric on as a guest and bitch slap the fraud", said a smiling Mrs. Edwards.


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Ahmadinejad Says British Sailors Love it in Iran

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The sailors are being probed for their naval knowledge.  Not known as a top naval power, Iran is using this as an opportunity to study naval strategy and technology.  "They make only have been sailors on a small ship, but we are learning a lot and it has only been a week", said Rear Admiral Sajjad Kouchaki.

Iran appeared to take a step further by signaling that it might put the British on trial. Gholamreza Ansari, Tehran's ambassador to Moscow, told Russian television that legal proceedings have begun against the sailors and marines and that they could "face punishment" if found guilty of illegally being in Iranian waters, a statement that triggered concern at a meeting of European Union foreign ministers in Germany.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his own first public comments on the standoff Saturday, accusing Britain of arrogance and complaining that it should not have "shouted in different international councils," according to Iranian state radio. "This is not the legal and logical way" to act, he said in Khuzestan, a province that borders the Persian Gulf.

"Even if I wanted to give them back, they wouldn't go.  They are having a ball writing letters and making movies."  Regarding a potential trial, he said, "Iraq knows nothing about trials.  Here in Iran, we have hanging apparatus in the courtroom to discourage acquittals, I mean perjury.


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