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Hillary Speeches Now Being Used to Defrag Hard Drives

@ 12:58 AM (79 months, 29 days ago)



However, it is crucial to "clean" the material before using it.....


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  1. That probably wouldn't some of Dugg's material.

    Comment by Ed— 2008/07/08 @ 01:27 AM — (Reply)

  2. probably not.

    Comment by The— 2008/07/08 @ 01:52 AM — (Reply)

  3. I meant to say that it probably wouldn't hurt some of Dugg's material.

    Comment by Ed— 2008/07/08 @ 09:57 AM — (Reply)

  4. I couldn't try the program - it blew up when it got to your page.

    Comment by Dugg— 2008/07/08 @ 12:53 PM — (Reply)

  5. Cut out the middle man I always say, turn her speeches to TP right away....lol...too damn funny Mr. B......riff

    Comment by riffran— 2008/07/09 @ 08:46 AM — (Reply)

  6. I think her speeches are already locked up in the Clinton library, from which interestingly enough, the documents she claimed would be released have NOT been released. Now she can claim not to have said some of the BS, for example the sniper story, and demand to see it in writing which can't be produced because she has it locked up.

    Comment by Ed— 2008/07/09 @ 09:46 AM — (Reply)

  7. Typical clintinesque style Ed, I'm not suprised...riff

    Comment by riffran— 2008/07/09 @ 10:27 AM — (Reply)

  8. Over here, there is'nt much news about her nowadays, Barry. Care to update me a little? Regards.

    Comment by Michael— 2008/07/09 @ 11:46 AM — (Reply)

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