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I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said. 

William F. Buckley, Jr.


Jesse James Receives Mail

@ 11:28 PM (58 months, 10 days ago)


Hey Jesse,

You stupid moron! You cheated on Sandra Bullock?  How in the world can you be so stupid? You are married to one of the most beautiful women in the world.  She has a body to die for and her current wealth shadowed only by Oprah.  Your wife, recently beat out Julia Roberts in the polls and is now named "America's Sweetheart."  You also remember, she just won an Oscar and praised you up and down in front of the world while you were slipping around.  You are really a piece of work! You are the most hated cheating idiot on the planet!  How can you live with yourself?  I only have one thing to say to the despicable, miserable, cheating
piece of crap that you are:

Thanks for taking the heat off of me.  Let*s do lunch,

Tiger Woods



Sales Sluggish for New Sony Walkman™

@ 08:02 PM (58 months, 21 days ago)


What if they launched a new high-tech gadget and nobody came?  That's the question the Sony Corporation is asking itself after the disappointing launch Saturday morning of its much-hyped new music playing device, the Sony Walkman Sports Ultra™.

In Sony stores around the world, the company hired additional salesclerks to handle the anticipated crowds - crowds that never materialized.  "So far only three people have come into the store this morning, and two of them were just looking for a bathroom," said Tracy Klugian, a clerk at the Sony store in downtown Chicago.  "I'm kind of like, where is everybody?"

Mr. Klugian said he was puzzled that the new Sony Walkman™, which comes in seven sporty colors and has such features as auto-reverse, has failed to catch on with consumers: "If there's a more awesome device being sold this morning, I'd like to know what it is."  But according to tech insider Zach Felderstein, the tepid reception to the new Sony Walkman™ may be a simple case of bad timing.

"In this business, timing is everything," said Mr. Felderstein, who orgazanized last month's poorly attended tech conference North By Northwest.


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