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I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said. 

William F. Buckley, Jr.


Hamas Vows to Keep Power, Won't Recognize Israel Says Ismail Haniyeh

@ 02:20 AM (101 months, 7 days ago)


"We say we will be in every government, we will stay in the government," he said. "We will not recognize Israel."  Doesn't sound very Israel friendly to me.  Sounds like the clown dictator in Iran, Ahmadinejad.

THEY say what they are going to do.  The American demlibs don't think they mean it.  Maybe the demlibs don't mean what they say (like 99% of the time, the frauds), but OTHER people do mean what they say.  The demlibs won't believe it until they are in cattle cars headed into the gas chambers.

"They are a peace loving nice people", say the demlibs

"Come to papa fools", says Hamas Prime Minister Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh

"Except you Moore, my cholesterol can't handle a pig like you." 


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Amnesty International Get it Right re: hezbollah Committed WAR CRIMES....Say WHAT?

@ 12:50 PM (101 months, 28 days ago)


In a clearly shocking development, Amnesty International took a logical and sensibile position.  Is the sky falling in?  Did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall again?  Odds, it will change its mind.



 Amnesty International on Thursday accused Hezbollah forces of war crimes and “serious violations of international humanitarian law” during the Lebanon war, including indiscriminate rocket attacks and “deliberate attacks on civilians and civilian objects.”  Amnesty said its assessment of Hezbollah was based on “firsthand information from visits to Israel and Lebanon, interviews with dozens of victims, official statements, discussions with Israeli and Lebanese military and government officials as well as senior Hezbollah officials, information from nongovernment groups and media reports.”

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democrat left Supports Islamo-Nazi Extermination of Israel and Jews While at the Same Time "Claims" to Support Israel and Jews....Who is Lying to Who?

@ 08:17 PM (102 months, 26 days ago)


The left is slinging a lot of accusations of misdeeds by President Bush.  Despite the mudslinging there is no legal action of any type pending against President Bush.  Meanwhile President Clinton's permanent record is forever marred by the legal consequences of his misdeeds.  Isn't it strange that more airtime and writing space is given to bald accusations than final legal consequences.  Could it be that there is an agenda out there? 

The truth is that the Islamo-Nazi's love anything that might weaken President Bush.  Why...you might ask?  President Bush is the leading figure in stopping them in their tracks.  Luckily for them, the Islamo Nazi's have allies right here in the United States....the democrat left.

Let's put this all together.  Islamo-Nazi's hate Jews and vow to exterminate Jews.  The democrat left supports the Islamo-Nazi's and claims to support Israel and Jews.  How can the democrat left have it both ways...."We love Israel and the Jews we have just helped our Islamo-Nazi friends exterminate."

Presidents who do something wrong suffer the consequences.  Bill Clinton's 5 year suspension in Arkansas expired in January but he has not sought reinstatement.  Why hasn't he taken action to clean up this blot on his record? 

Clinton Disbarred From Supreme Court

By Anne Gearan

Associated Press Writer

Monday, Oct. 1, 2001; 10:48 a.m. EDT

WASHINGTON –– The Supreme Court ordered former President Clinton disbarred from practicing law before the high court on Monday and gave him 40 days to contest the order.

The court did not explain its reasons, but Supreme Court disbarment often follows disbarment in lower courts.

In April, Clinton's Arkansas law license was suspended for five years and he paid a $25,000 fine. The original disbarment lawsuit was brought by a committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court.

There are no fines associated with the Supreme Court action. Most lawyers who are admitted to the Supreme Court bar never actually argue a case there, but the right to do so is considered an honor.

Clinton agreed to the Arkansas fine and suspension Jan. 19, the day before he left office, as part of an understanding with Independent Counsel Robert Ray to end the Monica Lewinsky investigation.


The agreement also satisfied the legal effort by the Arkansas Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct to disbar Clinton for giving misleading testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case.

The Supreme Court followed its standard rules in the Clinton case, which include suspending Clinton from practice in the court and giving him 40 day to show why he should not be permanently disbarred.

President Bush Dissolves FEMA and Subcontracts New Orleans Cleanup to hezbollah - Ray Nagin goes into Hiding

@ 04:40 PM (102 months, 26 days ago)


President Bush may not be a good talker but can sometimes come up with some very logical strategerie.


To enter southern Lebanon these days, you drive down roads where traffic is directed by young men in gray Hezbollah civil defense corps T-shirts and past bulldozers from the Holy War Reconstruction Co. Days after guns fell silent, Hezbollah has emerged as the lead player in the cleanup of towns and villages in southern Lebanon. It has the volunteers, owns the equipment and has spent years burnishing its image as the champion of ordinary people, from poor tobacco farmers to doctors and lawyers, who see Hezbollah as much more than a militia.-Los Angeles Times

Upon reading this, the President compared hezbollah to FEMA and FEMA lost and was gone the same day.  The brilliant stroke was in bringing hezbollah to New Orleans.  At less than half the cost of FEMA doing virtually nothing, great strides have already been made in New Orleans.  hezbollah payments are being held in escrow pending work completion and hezbollah members leaving the United States without any damage of any kind anywhere.  hezbollah is only too glad to get the bucks.

One of the first things hezbollah has done is preventing Nagin from doing any further damage.  Negociations regarding hezbollah taking Nagin with them when they are finished are ongoing.



World Opinion - Valueless......Moral Integrity - Priceless

@ 02:41 AM (103 months, 9 days ago)


Most teenagers read the Ayn Rand novels which flesh out the struggle individuals have with moral integrity.  Ms. Rand certainly never had all the answers, especially in her personal life.

In the back of everyone's mind is a conscience, in some closer to the front.  For those who try to ignore it, it does not go away, but is ignored but still nags.

I found this article ringing true for me:

World opinion" is worthless
By Dennis Prager
Tuesday, August 1, 2006




If you are ever morally confused about a major world issue, here is a rule that is almost never violated: Whenever you hear that "world opinion" holds a view, assume it is morally wrong.

And here is a related rule if your religious or national or ethnic group ever suffers horrific persecution: "World opinion" will never do a thing for you. Never.

"World opinion" has little or nothing to say about the world's greatest evils and regularly condemns those who fight evil.

The history of "world opinion" regarding the greatest mass murders and cruelties on the planet is one of relentless apathy.

Ask the 1.5 million Armenians massacred by the Ottoman Turks;

or the 6 million Ukrainians slaughtered by Stalin;

or the tens of millions of other Soviet citizens killed by Stalin's Soviet Union;

or the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their helpers throughout Europe;

or the 60 million Chinese butchered by Mao;

or the 2 million Cambodians murdered by Pol Pot;

or the millions killed and enslaved in Sudan;

or the Tutsis murdered in Rwanda's genocide;

or the millions starved to death and enslaved in North Korea;

or the million Tibetans killed by the Chinese;

or the million-plus Afghans put to death by Brezhnev's Soviet Union.

Ask any of these poor souls, or the hundreds of millions of others slaughtered, tortured, raped and enslaved in the last 100 years, if "world opinion" did anything for them.

On the other hand, we learn that "world opinion" is quite exercised over Israel's unintentional killing of a few hundred Lebanese civilians behind whom hides Hezbollah -- a terror group that intentionally sends missiles at Israeli cities and whose announced goals are the annihilation of Israel and the Islamicization of Lebanon. And, of course, "world opinion" was just livid at American abuses of some Iraqi prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. In fact, "world opinion" is constantly upset with America and Israel, two of the most decent countries on earth, yet silent about the world's cruelest countries.

Why is this?

Here are four reasons:

First, television news.

It is difficult to overstate the damage done to the world by television news. Even when not driven by political bias -- an exceedingly rare occurrence globally -- television news presents a thoroughly distorted picture of the world. Because it is almost entirely dependent upon pictures, TV news is only capable of showing human suffering in, or caused by, free countries. So even if the BBC or CNN were interested in showing the suffering of millions of Sudanese blacks or North Koreans -- and they are not interested in so doing -- they cannot do it because reporters cannot visit Sudan or North Korea and video freely. Likewise, China's decimation and annexation of Tibet, one of the world's oldest ongoing civilizations, never made it to television.

Second, "world opinion" is shaped by the same lack of courage that shapes most individual human beings' behavior. This is another aspect of the problem of the distorted way news is presented. It takes courage to report the evil of evil regimes; it takes no courage to report on the flaws of decent societies. Reporters who went into Afghanistan without the Soviet Union's permission were killed. Reporters would risk their lives to get critical stories out of Tibet, North Korea and other areas where vicious regimes rule. But to report on America's bad deeds in Iraq (not to mention at home) or Israel's is relatively effortless, and you surely won't get killed. Indeed, you may well win a Pulitzer Prize.

Third, "world opinion" bends toward power. To cite the Israel example, "world opinion" far more fears alienating the largest producers of oil and 1 billion Muslims than it fears alienating tiny Israel and the world's 13 million Jews. And not only because of oil and numbers. When you offend Muslims, you risk getting a fatwa, having your editorial offices burned down or receiving death threats. Jews don't burn down their critics' offices, issue fatwas or send death threats, let alone act on such threats.

Fourth, those who don't fight evil condemn those who do. "World opinion" doesn't confront real evils, but it has a particular animus toward those who do -- most notably today America and Israel.

The moment one recognizes "world opinion" for what it is -- a statement of moral cowardice, one is longer enthralled by the term. That "world opinion" at this moment allegedly loathes America and Israel is a badge of honor to be worn proudly by those countries. It is when "world opinion" and its news media start liking you that you should wonder if you've lost your way.

What kind of person are you and what kind of person do you want to be?

Ruminations of General Norman Schwartzkopf re: Hezbollah and Israel

@ 02:09 AM (103 months, 9 days ago)


In a recent interview, General Norman Schwartzkopf was asked if he thought there was room for forgiveness toward Hezbollah.


The General said, " I believe that forgiving Hezbollah is God's function. The Israeli's job is to arrange the meeting ."


muslim islamist terrorists Discover Their Alleged Paradise is 'Different'

@ 10:55 PM (103 months, 10 days ago)





United Nations Give Up on Middle East, Israel, Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran - Calls in Charles Barkley

@ 07:12 PM (103 months, 13 days ago)


Finally...some sanity.  Barkley will be headed over to kick some camel jockey butt tonight via non stop Gulfstream.


"I don’t create controversies. They’re there long before I open my mouth. I just bring them to your attention."

"These sand monkeys have been playing this game for a long time.  It's about time they try their crap with a big black man, namely me.  I'm gonna lay some whoopass on the wusses."



Israel to Raze Homes in Gaza ...Well Yeah...It's about Time

@ 02:36 AM (103 months, 19 days ago)


What took them so long?

ISRAEL plans to raze homes and other structures just inside the Gaza Strip to stop Palestinian militants from using them as cover to build tunnels for attacks and smuggling, Israeli media reported today.

The YNet news website quoted an unnamed senior officer in the army's southern command as saying the aim was to "clean" a 1km wide strip of land.

It was unclear if this meant southern Gaza, where most tunnels have been found, or the entire coastal strip.

The army has long expressed concern about Palestinian gunmen using tunnels in southern Gaza to smuggle weapons in from Egypt and to also carry out attacks on the Jewish state.

Israel's current month-long military offensive in Gaza was launched after militants tunnelled under the border fence in the south and killed two Israeli soldiers and captured another.

"Usually the digging is done from a house, a greenhouse or anywhere else that is meant to cover the activity," the officer said.

"Therefore we have decided to conduct a different policy and just shave and attack any structure or shelter that could be used as a cover for an entrance to a tunnel. This way any attempt by a Palestinian to dig a tunnel will be stopped."



Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Threatens and Rethreatens Israel - Iran's President is a Menace (and not the Dennis kind)

@ 08:47 PM (103 months, 23 days ago)


That wild and crazy guy is at it again.  Rumor has it that Ross Perot is having a person sized net made and plans to send a crew into Iran with it to "extract" the nutjob, take him to Texas and train him to be Perot's personal butler.  On a less light note, the nutjob seems hell bent on beginning World War III.

Guess who

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared Sunday that Israel had "pushed the button of its own destruction" by launching a military campaign against the Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia in Lebanon. 

"Israel pushed the button of its own destruction by attacking Lebanon," Ahmadinejad told a gathering of education officials.

Ahmadinejad's latest salvo against Israel came as the 12-day-old hostilities in Lebanon continued. The hard-line president drew international condemnation last year after publicly calling for Israel to be wiped out and calling the Holocaust a "myth."

"Arrogant powers have set up a base for themselves to threaten and plunder nations in the region," Ahmadinejad said. "But today, the occupier regime (Israel) — whose philosophy is based on threats, massacre and invasion — has reached its finishing line."


Perot's plan for the whacko after he is netted includes an indoctrination period.


Israeli Forces Blast into Lebanon - Condoleezza Rice Tells Iran and Syria to Stay the Hell Out

@ 03:12 PM (103 months, 24 days ago)


It's on camel jockeys.  President Bush and his administration have been proactive in resolving what in the long term is a huge world affecting problem.  Afghanistan and Iraq were the first dominos.  Hezbollah is on its way out.  Hamas is self destructing.  The noose is tightening around Iran and Syria.

Israeli armoured vehicles crash over the Lebanese border in a major incursion late last night Australian time.

President George W. Bush said Saturday that one of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's chief goals on her upcoming Middle East trip would be to try to isolate Iran and Syria.  President Bush accurately blamed Hezbollah for touching off the crisis and said in his weekly radio address: "I believe sovereign nations have the right to defend their people from terrorist attack, and to take the necessary action to prevent those attacks."  Truer words were never spoken.  The President sounds more and more like President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill every day.

Camel Jockey

This idiot and his ilk are oblivious to their fate.  Good riddance.

Make no mistake about it.  What history will report as World War III has been going on for a number of years.  Now the civilized world has had enough of muslim islam terrorists and they will be history joining Germany, Italy and Japan in the prior World Wars.  All sand monkeys would be wise to review the video of the vaporizing of Hiroshima because that is there fate unless they do a 180.

"Secretary Rice will make it clear that resolving the crisis demands confronting the terrorist group that launched the attacks and the nations that support it," Mr Bush said.  He said Syria was "a primary sponsor" of Hezbollah and has given the Shiite militia Iranian-made weapons, and he criticized Iran's "ambition for nuclear weapons and aid to terrorist groups."  "Their actions threaten the entire Middle East and stand in the way of resolving the current crisis and bringing lasting peace to this troubled region," said the US President.

"We're also concerned about the impact the current conflict is having on Lebanon's young democracy," he said. "Hezbollahs practice of hiding rockets in civilian neighbourhoods, and its efforts to undermine the democratically elected government, have shown it to be no friend of Lebanon.  "By its actions, Hezbollah has jeopardised Lebanon's tremendous advances and betrayed the Lebanese people," said Mr Bush, who added that Washington would join efforts to get humanitarian aid to the Lebanese people.

Notice that the President has no intention of punishing the innocent victims of the warmongering flying carpet riders.  The Hollywood America haters are traitors to America on a larger scale than Benedict Arnold.  Public opinion is in the process of turning on the idiots.  Box office numbers are in free fall.  Why?  Who wants to see good money go to these self righteous dumber than dirt no nothings.


Open House Cancels Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade Due to Israel Hezbollah Lebanon War

@ 12:40 AM (103 months, 25 days ago)


Too bad.  Although good news for the camels who won't be running for their lives.  Where will the marchers go instead?

It's good to see that this henhouse of Einsteins has it's priorities straight.  The group announced it is determined to hold the parade before the end of the year.  Book your flights now.